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Forza Horizon 5: How to get Ford Ranger Raptor

Forza Horizon series always bring something new and innovative to their series and knows what their fans expect from their games to be delivered. Be it exclusive events, festival seasons, and last but not the least, an updated and fresh roster of exclusive cars that you can pick from. Forza Horizon 5, being the latest installment of the series carries the tradition and further takes it to a new level. In its series 1 update, the game introduced many exciting additions to its vehicles list and the Ford Range raptor is one of the AWD mid-size pickups that was first seen in Forza Horizon 4 and it’s making its comeback again in FH5 along with newer content and exciting stuff Playground games has planned in their festival playlist. Read on more to know the requirements of this vehicle and how you can get it in Forza Horizon 5.

Ford Ranger Raptor Forza Horizon 5

How to unlock Ford Ranger Raptor

In the Autumn season of festival events in Forza Horizon 5, along with Ford Ranger Raptor, Radical RXC, and Honda Civic 84, the game also included Forza Horizon arcade events. You can obtain Ford Ranger Raptor by doing the “Pick up the Pace” challenge with specific restrictions like pickups and 4X4’s and needs a B class 700 car to attempt it. Our best recommendation for completing this challenge is a 2017 Chevy Colorado zr2 with a dirty qtippy tuner, the tuner’s share code is 365 733 576. Feel free to use this vehicle as it’s pretty cheap to get as it’s priced around 46,000 credits in the auto shop and qtippy runner which costs 40k credits.

Players also need to switch the drivatar’s difficulty to “highly skilled” to get the reward. The good this about this challenge is you don’t always have to come first except at the end of the championship. In the leaderboards, players have to be at the top at the end of three races and gather many points as they can in this challenge. Now for the next Las Granjas Cross Country race, you’ll have to use a Mercedes Benz X class with alextayloryt tuner that costs 39,000 credits and the truck costs 65,000 credits in the game. Complete the race to get to the next one.

Ford Ranger Raptor Forza Horizon 5

Now for the last race which is Tropico Cross Country. We’ll use the 2020 Ford SD F-450 with jumpyardvarktia tuner, the tuner’s share code is 887 878 602 and costs around 67,000 credits while the truck costs 70,000 credits. Which makes it one of the expensive vehicles in FH5. Players don’t have to be worried about the cash and buying new cars as you can pick from three of these and use whichever suits you best. Complete the race in the first position and if done right will grant you the 2019 Ford Ranger Raptor as a new seasonal award and additional XP. Enjoy driving Ford Ranger Raptor in the game.


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