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Forza Horizon 5: How to get Honda Civic GRC Coupe

Forza Horizon 5 never tends to fail when it comes to providing ultimate racing immersion while preserving every little detail of every element the game has to offer. Like never-ending content that gets released with multiple expansions, festival events, and plenty of rides to choose from. There are plenty of rides that are suited for various settings and terrains like off-road racing, street racing, road racing, dirt racing, rally racing, and plenty more. Speaking of rally racing, one of the well-sought car Honda Civic GRC Coupe has also made a comeback from the previous Forza Horizon game and requires certain milestones and requirements to achieve and we’ll delve deep into the easy and convenient methods on how you can get this car unlocked at your garage and drive it anywhere in the giant map of Forza Horizon 5.

Forza Horizon 5 Honda Civic GRC Coupe


How to unlock Honda Civic GRC Coupe

Unlike other cars, Honda Civic has very peculiar methods of obtaining it in the game as it is not available through usual methods like festival playlist, or wheelspins through legitimate means. To get a hold of this car, open the festival playlist menu and find different access to Forzathon shops in the storm season festival playlist. Honda Civic GRC Coupe is present there as a series 1 reward that requires only 400 Forza points to acquire and is one of the rarest car that you can get from the game. Beware that this car is available on a limited time and will not show up in the game once the time period is expired so act quickly and buy it the moment you have all of the Forza points. The game also has pretty amazing awards for you to grab on so if you want to, you can attempt those events and reap the rewards to unlock better rewards in the game.

Forza Horizon 5 Honda Civic GRC Coupe

Another thing we’ll recommend you to do is that you get two Honda Civic GRC Coupe as you can get a good amount of deal if you were to auction it in the game. Various collectors and players who are looking to buy this car in the game can offer you handsome credit, so just for future investment, you should definitely buy this car from the get-go. If you want to, you can sell both of them if you want, but if you wait for a few days. The value of the Honda Civic GRC Coupe will be tremendous.



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