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Freedom Planet 2 Characters List

If you have been looking for details on which characters are featured in the Freedom Planet 2 game, your search is over as we have shared a list for the same. Knowing these characters and how to use them is important as it will help players play to their strengths.

Freedom Planet 2 Characters List
Freedom Planet 2 Characters List

All the characters in the game have different skills and elements, so knowing which to combine and what the likely result will be if they face off will increase your gameplay experience for sure.

Freedom Planet 2 Characters List

Here is the list of characters featured in the game and some key details about them that fans should get acquainted with.

1) Sash Lilac

This character is the last water dragon as evident in water being her element. She is popular for her unique combat skills which involve cutting through enemies using her twin ponytails. She was trained by the Red scarves and is known to be quite a reserved character.

2) Carol Tea

Carol ran from home to join the Red scarves at a young age. She is known for her taste in massive houses, money, and her trademark motorcycle. Her element is metal.

3) Milla Basset

Her element is wood and she is known as a carefree character with an intense interest in chemistry. She can spawn phantom cubes on demand and is known to use this skill in combat. Also, she uses her knowledge of chemistry to make potions that are useful in battle.

4) Neera Li

This character is the trusted advisor of the Royal Magister. She is known to use her frost art skills to capture enemies and criminals. Her element is Earth.

5) General Gong

Gong’s character is a controversial one. He trains alongside Askal so as to live up to the expectations of his people who believe he is a hero. His element is wood and he uses the trusty shield for combat.

6) Sergeant Askal

His element is Earth. Askal is half dragon and half mongrel and is often ridiculed for his heritage. He is so good at combat that he trains General Gong.

7) The Royal Magister

He is popular for his wisdom as he is the ruler of Shang Tu and his element is Earth.

8) King Dail

He is the king of Shuigang. His father was murdered by Lord Brevon. He is best known for unwittingly inciting a war between the kingdoms of Avalice. His element is metal.

9) Mayor Zao

Mayor Zao is the leader of Shang Mu whose element is wood. He is best known for his democratic ideas.

10) Spade

He is King Dail’s brother but they are nothing alike. Spade is known by all to be a fierce mercenary. His element is Fire.

11) Captain Kalaw

Kalaw is best known for defending people who are defenseless. He also trains heroes in a massive arena. His element is wood.

12) Corazon Tea

Cory is a daring pilot whose element is fire. She is known for distracting targets with hundreds of drones.

13) Merga

She is a fierce water dragon hell-bent on avenging her imprisonment in the crystal prison. Her element, which you have already guessed by now, is Water.

14) AAA

This character is known as a psychotic with a flair for engineering. Her element is Metal.

15) Serpentine

Popular for his robotic arms, this character is known for hiding in undisclosed locations while waiting for a chance to unite with his people. Element- Metal.

16) Cordelia

Her element is Earth and she is the princess of Shang Tu.

17) Bird Guard

Not much is known about this character apart from its duty as a guard. Its element is Wood.

18) Pangu

Pangu is a drone that was discovered in the lagoon. It can create holographs that come in handy in battle. Its element is Water.

19) Announcer

This character is the main narrator in the game and players will undoubtedly get to hear his voice.

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