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GTA 5: How to Open Parachute (PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5)

Grand Theft Auto 5 has been subconsciously voted as the best title in the GTA franchise and for good reason. There are lots of features for players to explore in the game and you can progress at your own pace, no need to rush to the end of the game, that’s if there is an end to it. One such feature in the game is the parachute which you can use on missions or while exploring. We will discuss how to open a parachute in GTA 5 in the course of this article.

GTA 5: How to Open Parachute (PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5)
GTA 5: How to Open Parachute (PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5)

The game is available for many platforms and consoles making it even more appealing to both new and veteran players. That also implies that controls will differ between different platforms, so we intend to show you how to open parachutes in GTA 5 on PC, Xbox, PS4, and PS5. Let’s get to it.

GTA 5: How to Open Parachute (PC, Xbox, PS4, PS5)

You can’t go climbing high-rise buildings or jump from aircraft on GTA 5 without a parachute, as it will lead to your character getting splattered all over the ground upon impact. Let’s show you how to deploy or open a parachute in the game, starting with the PC version.

For PC

Here’s how to open your parachute on the GTA 5 PC version.

1) First press the F button on your keyboard or left-click if you are using a mouse. This should deploy the parachute. Of course, you will have to leap or jump from a reasonable height before opening the parachute.

2) Now, press W to gain speed, or S to slow your fall.

3) You can also press A to turn left and D for a right turn. The Q and E buttons can be used to make sudden and sharp right and left turns respectively.

4) Press the Shift button to land smoothly when you get to the ground.

For Xbox

If you are playing GTA 5 on Xbox consoles, here’s how to deploy the parachute.

1) Start by tapping the A button on the Xbox controller to open the parachute while falling.

2) Now, push the left analog stick forward or backward to gain speed and slow down respectively.

3) Press the LB button to turn left, while the RB button makes you turn right.

For PlayStation

For players enjoying GTA 5 on a PlayStation console, simply press the X button to deploy the parachute. Then use the left analog stick to speed up your descent or slow it down by pushing forward or backward. The L1 button is for making a left turn while R2 is for making a right turn.

This is how to open a parachute in GTA 5. Kindly share this article with friends and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates.


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