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Halo Infinite Battle Pass not working: How to fix it?

Not much time has passed since the release of Halo Infinite, especially its online multiplayer that impressed many newcomers and fans of the series. The PvP elements, various weapons and items, and the huge map has made players fall in love with the game. However, it seems like not everything is perfect as multiple uses have reported a Battle Pass bug that is not letting players progress smoothly in the game. This not only impedes the progress in the game but also makes it unplayable that many have complained it takes ages to get through a single battle pass. Halo Infinite has also some unresolved bugs that keep the game from being enjoyed completely and kill the immersion. If you’re one of those players who are experiencing the same issue, we got you covered. In this article, we’ll show you how you can fix the battle pass bug and progress the game smoothly without any hiccups.

halo infinite

Check and apply the latest update.

As disappointing as it sounds, it seems that your only alternative is to wait for an official fix from Microsoft and 343 Industries to address the battle pass issue. We can safely assume that the issue will permanently be resolved once the beta stages of the game have finished. Another issue players have come across is the way the game handles tiers. Some players believe that the game is also missing tiers. When you buy Season 1 battle pass, the game offers you 25 tiers when buying a premium battle pass. Another issue that players are facing is that their bonuses aren’t immediately showing up in the game.

Halo Infinite mark system

How to fix Battle Pass issue.

The good thing about Halo Infinite is that, unlike other battle royale games, the battle passes in the game never expires. The game also allows players to choose which pass to upgrade once new passes are live, the free tier passes also work the same way. After a thorough investigation of this bug, we’ve come across one simple fix that’ll fix the battle pass and find your XP boosts. All the players have to do is apply the XP token found under boosts, here’s how to do it.

  • Navigate to Battle Pass
  • Find boosts section
  • Use XP Grants

Now you can boot into the game and see your battle pass functioning as normal. have fun playing Halo Infinite. We’ll keep you updated on various news about the game.


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