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Halo Infinite: How to skip intro video

In single-player games, most of us love to watch the intro of our favorite games playing in the game the first we boot the game into our system or console. The amazingly edited clips of our games all combined with sheer awesomeness and action make us excited. Halo series is one of those games that delivered an excellent story, blending it into the sci-fi genre and making the atmosphere of the game grim and aesthetically pleasing. Sometimes we also like to skip those pesky intro videos and want to get into the game quickly, but the unskippable cutscene ruins the mood and worse, makes us quit the game out of rage. Unfortunately Halo Infinite also comes with unskippable cutscenes which a lot of players don’t seem to like and today we’ll show you how you can skip the intro video of the game permanently and enjoy the game.

Halo Infinite mark system

How to skip intro videos in Halo Infinite

Although the fix is simple, doing this fix might not decrease the loading times of the game regardless of how fast your PC is. To fix the unskippable intro in the game all you have to do is head to the location where you’ve installed the game. If you’re on Steam, right-click on the game and click on “Browse” at local files. When the game folder is opened, go to the videos folder, open it and you’ll see multiple video files in here. What you want to edit is “intro.MP4” and “Startup-Sequence Loading”. Both of these files will be replaced with simply a text file named exactly the same as these. In the topmost corner, click on View and select the “hidden items” and “file named extensions”.

Using this way, we can see and change the extension of those files. Slowly double click on “startup sequence”, copy everything and rename it to whatever you want (e.g abcdfile). Then right-click and then click text document. Once a document file is created, slowly double click on the file and press Ctrl+V to paste the Startup-Sequence Loading.mp4″ and it’ll ask you to change the extension. Click on Yes and that’ll do the trick. You can repeat the same with Intro.MP4 and we’re all set up.

Halo Infinite how to skip intro

Now launch the game and if done correctly, you’ll simply load into Halo Infinite’s main menu and play the game. If you have installed the game on an SSD drive, the loading times will be short and you’ll be able to get into the game faster.


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