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Halo Infinite Mark System: How to use?

A proper and coordinated course of action is vital for winning matches by clear communication between players and that is valued by every player. Halo Infinite also aims to adopt this approach by implementing a ping system that’ll let you mark anything. Be it enemy reinforcements, powerful weapons, or who’s heading for the flag can be a decisive factor in where your teammate’s focus is currently on. Many popular battle royale games have used this feature such as Apex Legends, COD Warzone, and Fortnite and Halo will the first to integrate this marking system. This mechanic shines best with 4v4 matches and here’s how you can use the Mark system in Halo Infinite and everything you need to know about it.

Halo Infinite mark system

What is the marking system in Halo Infinite?

You can think of the marking system as a beacon where you want to bring your teammate’s attention to that specific point. You can coordinate your attacks if there is an ambush, or if you want your teammates to grab an amazing weapon. Using this mechanic is also beneficial for Halo players as it awards you points if your marked target gets eliminated by your teammate. The last thing you need is your teammates running around aimlessly on the battlefield and getting picked on by enemies. Marking will ensure that your movements are in sync and able to communicate better to respond to any tactical challenge like flanking enemies, ambushing, and more.

How to mark enemies in-game

To mark enemies in the game, all the players have to do is aim for the area where the player wishes to mark and press a specific button. Here’s how you can mark enemies in Halo Infinite to prioritize your attention on that spot. It is also known as pinging a spot.

  • Aim where you would like to mark in your crosshairs
  • Press Up on the directional pad or press X on a keyboard.

Halo Infinte multiplayer

Marker types in Halo Infinite


You can mark locations anywhere in the entire battlefield and will highlight the location on the map where you marked. Like pinging a center building on the map will create a mark.

Weapons, Equipment, and Vehicles

If you want a specific weapon you want your teammates to grab, you can do so easily in the game. Pinging a power weapon, equipment, weapon rack, or vehicle will display the name of the weapon or item in the map will show its location.


Pointing out hostiles in the game is very useful to prepare for setting up an ambush or outsmarting them. Marking an enemy will show a red exclamation point on the teammate’s screen and pinpoint the location on the map.




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