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Halo Infinite Multiplayer: How to rank up fast?

Halo Infinite has just launched on PC and Xbox platforms and players are already enjoying the multiplayer and what the game envisioned to deliver. In every battle royale game, it is recommended to level up faster in order to survive tougher fights and last longer than your opponents. This holds true for Halo Infinite multiplayer as well, and many players are looking for efficient ways to rank up faster in the game and get the upper advantage over top-tier players. If you’re one of those players who aspire to rank up faster and earn more XP in the game, then we’ve come up with several methods that’ll you can use to level up your battle pass and stand among the best of the best in the game. Read on more to know how you can earn maximum XP and rank up faster in the game.

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Methods to rank up faster in Halo Infinite

Complete daily challenges

If you want to progress faster in the game, it is crucial to spend time in the game by completing weekly and daily challenges the game offers and depending on your consistency of how well you can complete it. Currently Halo Infinite doesn’t reward players with XP in matches, it is an efficient method of ranking up and will determine how far you progress every season.

The game will feature various sets of challenges that you have to complete every day or week depending on the type of challenge and finishing them is the efficient way to rank up fast. Players who have bought premium passes will get a special weekly challenge to speed things up.

Use Grants and XP boosts

Unlike daily challenges, this method requires you to spend some money to fasten the progression. Premium Battle Pass grants several consumables like these and their usefulness varies. You can buy these consumables separately from the game shop, so these can be considered if you want to rank up faster. If you want to get the most out of these consumables, you can use them just before you’re ready to complete a challenge as they last only for 30 minutes depending on the consumable.

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Rank up using credits

This method can be very useful to attempt if money is not the issue from your end as you can buy battle pass levels to quickly increase your level. Keep in mind that each level’s price is 200 credits, which is 2$ in real life. The bigger disadvantage of this method is that it can get super expensive as there are 100 levels in each battle pass, so it’s best to stick to the abovementioned methods to rank up.



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