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Halo Infinite Offline Error Multiplayer is Unavailable: How to fix it

One of the well-known sci-fi fps battle royale games, Halo Infinite was praised for its enjoyable gameplay with various online modes, new battle passes, and tougher gunfights. Gamers were quite enthusiastic about the latest game from the Halo series and the game fared quite well. Plenty of fans jumped into the servers of Halo Infinite to enjoy the game. however like any newer beta version of games, it is expected that you’ll be run into unknown bugs that hamper your gaming experience. The newest one is players being unable to access multiplayer as the game is fetching offline error that many players have expressed their frustration and are unable to get into the game. If you’re also experiencing this issue, then you’re not the only one as several players are encountering this bug. We’ve listed out some of the fixes that you can try out to fix the game that’ll let you access the multiplayer again.

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Fixes for Halo Infinite multiplayer not working

Restart your PC

This is one of the traditional methods of fixing any error and is often used in many ways. If halo infinite’s multiplayer is not functioning properly, you can try restarting your PC and check to see if the game is running properly. These are often caused by faulty applications running in the background or any third-party software that’s interfering with the game. If this doesn’t work, see the next step

Xbox app not running in online mode

If your Halo Infinite multiplayer is not working properly, chances are that the Xbox app is set to offline mode. To enable the Xbox app, follow these steps

  • Launch the Xbox app
  • On the upper right side of the app, you can see your profile, click on it and then click “Appear Online” if the app is set to offline.

Select correct time zone

Sometimes the game refusing to launch multiplayer is often caused by incorrect timezones set up in your computer. To fix this, make sure that your country is selected and the date and time zone are correct.

Halo Infinte multiplayer

Log in from the same account

An obvious, but more often overlooked by many as logging on Microsoft Store and Xbox app on a different account also cause the game to not run properly. Make sure to log in on Microsoft and Xbox apps using the same credentials. You can also try to enable multiplayer in your Xbox account using this link. Enter your email address and password. Once you’ve logged in, click on your profile and click on “Xbox Profile”, head to privacy settings and select your account.  set every option to everyone and allow. Then go to “Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and Windows 10 online safety” and again set to “everyone” and “allow”




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