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HBO Max notifications not working: How to fix it?

Internet and app glitches are quite common and can be irritating especially when you are trying to complete one of your favourite series. For the binge watches out there, some of the solutions provided below might help to fix the issue.

The ‘service error’ message generally pops up when we have a flimsy network connection. Checking your internet speed and reloading the page or restarting the app can help to solve the issue. Also, remove the app from Recent Apps before restarting it and has been proven the simplest way to solve the issue. In the case of operating the service using a web browser, refresh the page.

Clearing the cache associated with the page can also help to resolve the issue. If you are using an app, check HBO Max storage in your phone storage. In the clear data option, you can find the option to clear cache. When operating on a web browser, in windows the cache could be cleared using Ctrl and F5 key on the HBO Max page and on Mac, similar could be done by pressing the Command + Option + R keys together. Also, remove the web browser data from recent history, cache, cookies, and other site data. If the responsiveness is not improved, try using some other web browser to stream or switch the device being used.

If the problem is stubborn and still stays, restarting the device can be the next wise step to follow. It helps to remove cached files in the physical memory and aids the navigation speed. Deleting the application from the phone and downloading it again helps. Not only it removes all the cache associated with the app but also updates to the latest version.

Sometimes ads might also interfere with the working of the application. Disabling AdBlock and other extensions, plugins, and add-ons can help fix the errors. Go to more tools in your web browser settings and click on extensions. You will be provided with an option to switch it off. In Mac the same can be done by clicking Preferences, followed by Extensions and then uncheck the box.

If the problem still continues and is hampering the enjoyment of your favourite show, the best would be to contact HBO Max support and report the problem. The Contact Us page provides you with a solution to every problem that you would be facing with the interface and best solution would be provides via chat, email or text.


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