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Hero’s Hour Nintendo Switch Release Date: When is it coming out?

Hero’s Hour is one of the well-loved turn-based strategy RPG games with real-time combat. Players can assemble armies of pixelated fantasy beasts that engage in battles automatically. The pixel art style of Hero’s Hour is inspired by Heros of Might and Magic, another turn-based strategy game. The game strongly relies on worldbuilding elements where you can develop your hometown, explore newer regions, fight faster-paced battles and liberate the world. Unlike other real-time strategy games, Hero’s Hour introduces procedural generation that enhances the gameplay. Every time you log into the game, you’ll always get to see new areas to explore and strange buildings to strengthen your hero and army. With interesting ideas and mechanics, many fans are wondering if Hero’s Hour will be receiving a Nintendo Switch Port. Read on more to know every detail about the game and its changes ported into Nintendo Switch.

Hero's Hour

Features of Hero’s Hour

Strategize your battles

In Hero’s Hour, the game offers players multiple ways to expand their kingdom with a real-time battle system. As you gather resources and army in the overworld. Players can command their armies as they see fit. You can either use magic-based attacks or give them the order to attack or sit back and let the army do the fighting on their own. Both take place in real-time, with more than hundreds of armies simultaneously fighting in the frontlines.

Hero's Hour

Procedurally generated world

Unlike regular real-time strategy-based games, Hero’s Hour introduces a procedurally generated world. Meaning that every time you play, you’ll encounter new strange buildings and areas to explore to reinforce your armies and hero. In order to use this feature, players have to seek out obelisks to start on small procedural quests that transport you around the world. Keep in mind that you won;t be able to use the same build over and over again each time you play as the same faction.

Othe features

  • 70 unique unit abilities
  • 145 artifacts
  • 46 common hero skills
  • 20 hero classes with special skills for each
  • 81 spells and abilities
  • 10 factions with special mechanics, strengths, and weaknesses
  • 214 units – 134 without counting upgrades
  • Local “hot seat” multiplayer
  • Dozens of impactful map buildings
  • Co-op with other players and even with AI

Is Hero’s Hour coming to Nintendo Switch

Given that the game is still in development and more features have to be refined in order to deliver a stellar real-time strategy game experience. It will be quite a while before Hero’s Hour will get an official port on Nintendo Switch, as the game’s officially available on Steam wishlist


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