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How many cores does RPCS3 use?

RPCS3 being a very complex emulator that can emulate PS3 games on popular operating systems requires quite a decent hardware setup for proper functioning. It is one of the most popular emulators in the market right now, but it isn’t to say that you will get a seamless experience while playing classic PS3 games on it. Being a CPU-intensive emulator, RPCS3’s system requirements might blow your mind. Anyways, if you want to play games on the emulator, you must know beforehand how many cores RPCS3 uses to function properly and then compare it with the CPU you own to avoid any disruptions. Well, in this article, we will be sharing details on RPCS3 and the number of cores it uses. So, continue reading for more info.

Most games feature extremely realistic graphical fidelity which is why the GPU has to take the load of rendering effects while the CPU can slack off a bit. However, with most emulators, this isn’t the case. Emulators like RPCS3 are CPU intensive meaning the CPU of your system plays a major part in running the emulator and providing you decent FPS when playing games on it. So, now you might be wondering, which CPUs are compatible with RPCS3 and how many CPU cores the emulator uses to function properly. Well, we have shared everything below.


How many cores does RPCS3 use?

RPCS3 features tons of PS3 games for players to play and enjoy but it comes at a cost of having a decent setup since the emulator is resource-hungry. The minimum and recommended CPU requirements for running RPCS3 are shared below-

Minimum CPU Requirement-

AMD/Intel – Any x64 CPU

Recommended CPU Requirement- 

AMD– AMD Zen 2 architecture or higher (6/8 cores)
Intel– Skylake architecture or higher (6/8 cores)

As mentioned, it is recommended to run the application on a setup having 6-8 cores CPU. This means that RPCS3 uses 6 cores or more to perform smoothly on a system. Any CPU having lower than 6 cores will have serious issues running the application which is why we don’t recommend it. So, now you know how many CPU cores RPCS3 uses.

We hope this article was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such informative articles on RPCS3 and details related to new game releases, make sure to follow Vabsaga.


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