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How many followers does sodapoppin have on Twitch?

For any World of Warcraft fans out there, you all know that Sodapoppin is one of the renowned personalities in the community. In this article, we will be discussing details about Sodapoppin and how many followers he have on Twitch. Since many are unaware of his Twitch fan base, we have featured this article to clear all doubts. So, consider reading this article for more details. Here’s everything you need to know.

Well, if you think Sodapoppin is popular only for his WoW content, then you might be wrong. He also played Among Us and his contribution to the game’s popularity was also noticed by the devs at Innersloth. Also, did you know that part of NRG Esports? Yes, his organization Northern Gaming was acquired by NRG Esports and he has been an advisor to the org since then. So, who is Sodapoppin? What’s his real name? Every question will be answered here.


Sodapoppin is a Twitch streamer hailing from Texas, US. His real name is Thomas Chance Morris and was born in Feb 1994. As per official sources, his YouTube journey began in 2012 where his first video was about Amnesia 2. He also started his Twitch journey on a similar timeline and began to produce WoW content for his followers. Back then, he didn’t have many followers but now, things have drastically changed. He currently has a massive fan following on both Twitch and YouTube.

How many followers does sodapoppin have on Twitch?

As per the most recent data, Sodapoppin has about 8.8M followers on Twitch, right now. This is indeed a huge following. However, his YouTube channel is not as massive as his Twitch. On YouTube, he has over 1.1M subscribers which is fairly low for an entertaining streamer like him, but he mainly focuses on his Twitch channel by live streaming WoW regularly. So, his combined following on both Twitch and YouTube is over 9.9M. Well, he was also banned from Twitch a couple of times but later those bans were removed as he still streams on Twitch, to this day.

So, now you are well equipped with all the information about how many followers does sodapoppin have on Twitch. If you need more articles on popular Twitch streamers, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga daily.


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