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How rare are neon monkeys in Adopt Me

One of the most sought-after pets in Adopt Me is the Monkey pet. Players often look for the Monkey pet or even the rarer, Monkey King Pet is which extremely difficult to get. However, the Monkey pet is also very popular in the game which is why many players are interested in getting one for their own. Well, currently there is no way for you to get the Monkey pet in the game rather than trading it with something dear to you. And, for the Neon Monkey, you might have to trade an extremely rare pet that isn’t owned by many. If you have made up your mind about getting a neon monkey pet in Adopt Me, you must know the worth and the rarity of this pet to ensure a fair trade. So, this article is perfect for you as it will share all the details on how rare are neon monkeys in Adopt Me. Here’s everything you need to know.

Adopt Me has been the most played Roblox game since its release and that has been possible since the game features a wide variety of pets. Consistent updates along with the introduction of new pets with each update have ensured that the players never run out of content. Due to this, currently, Adopt Me boasts a total of over 150 pets in the game. Well, aside from featuring the basic pets, the game also introduces Neon and Mega Neon versions of these pets that are visually attractive. If a pet is rare, then getting the Neon version is even harder. Likewise, the Neon Monkey pet is something that players have been looking for and we have featured this guide on all the details about the same.


How rare are neon monkeys in Adopt Me

Neon Monkey pets are extremely rare in Adopt Me. Since this pet was only available when the Monkey Fairground Update was released in Adopt Me back in 2020, its rarity has increased exponentially. Although there are many trade offers available for the Neon Monkey pet, not all of them are fair. So, if you want a Neon Monkey pet for the best price, here’s a list of some of the pets that you can exchange to get your hands on it-

1) Neon Starfish
2) Neon Rock
3) Yellow Butterfly
4) Green Butterfly
5) Neon Emu
6) Narwhal
7) Neon Clownfish
8) Neon Summer Walrus

So, trading any of these pets to get the Neon Monkey can be a fair trade. Well, start your hunt on getting the trade offers for the same. We hope this guide was able to provide you with all the information you needed. For more such guides on Adopt Me, consider visiting Vabsaga daily.


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