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How to Add and Accept Friend Request on PS5

It is always very fun and interesting to play games with friends. Playing online games on the PS5 console gives you the ultimate experience, as most gamers accept it is the best next-generation console. However, most gamers find it hard to send and accept friend requests on PS5 which is why in this article, we will be looking at how to add and accept friend request on the PS5 console.

How to Add and Accept Friend Request on PS5
How to Add and Accept Friend Request on PS5

PlayStation 5 or PS5 for short honestly needs no introduction as every gamer has watched the PlayStation family grow and improved over the years, evolving into this masterpiece. There are many interesting features in the next-gen console, but the most used one is the ability to accept and add friends. You can add friends to your account and accept requests as well. This enables you to play the game with your friends and have double fun.

How to Add and Accept Friend Request on PS5

Let’s look at how to send friend requests on the PS5 console.

1) The first step is to press the PS button on your PS5 controller for the menu options to pop up. You will then tap the game base at the bottom of the screen and then press the “X” button. Then, the Parties and Friends options will be displayed.

2) The next step is to click on the friend’s tab where you’ll see a list of your friends. Then you’ll go to the search icon and key in your friend’s name to search.

3) Once you’ve seen your friend, the next step is to select his profile where you’ll see the add friend option. Click on it and a notification bar appears. You can check the “Become Close Friends” box if you want to add the friend as a close friend.

4) Now you’ve added that friend as a close friend, your real name will be visible to him if he accepts the request.

5) Then, click on the send button to send the request. It is possible to send multiple friend requests. This can be done by clicking on the friends tab and clicking on your friend’s profile to send requests.

Another way to add friends is by inviting friends to open the party tab in the game base, and selecting the Plus icon next to the View All Parties option by tapping on it.

Then, you’ll need to click on the Played Together tab and a new window pops up where you’ll see the list of gamers you’ve recently played with. You can send them requests if you wish. To do this, first, choose their name before pressing the “OK” button on the right side of the screen. Then, to form a party.

How to Accept Friend Requests

Accepting friend requests on PS5 is pretty easy. All you have to do is to press the PlayStation button on your controller and you’ll see a menu at the button on your screen. Head over to the Game Base and click on the friends tab. Then, click on View Friends where you’ll click on the friends’ requests tab to see the list of pending requests. Just click on the Accept option displayed next to the names to accept the requests.

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