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How to Add Friends & Accept Friend Requests On Xbox Series X/S

Besides being an awesome gaming console, another cool feature of the Xbox Series X/S consoles is the social network which allows users to add friends by sending or accepting friend requests from other Xbox console users. You can also have followers who are interested in seeing your gaming activities through the feed updates, while favorite friends can be made to appear first on your friends’ list so you can keep a closer tab on them. Although this feature works like conventional social media platforms, sending or receiving friend requests isn’t as straightforward as regular social media, which is why in the course of this article, we will walk you through how to add friends & accept friend requests on Xbox Series X/S. Read on for more.

How to Add Friends & Accept Friend Requests On Xbox Series X/S
How to Add Friends & Accept Friend Requests On Xbox Series X/S

The Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are the latest consoles in the Xbox family. They were both released in 2020 with some differences in storage capacity, media, display, dimensions, and mass. Many gamers have adopted them as their default gaming console while others prefer the PS5 console. Both are awesome gaming consoles and choosing one is just a matter of preference and budget. The Xbox Series X/S new generation consoles come with add / accept friend requests feature and we will be focusing on how to utilize the said feature. Let’s get to it.

How to Add Friends & Accept Friend Requests On Xbox Series X/S

Let’s say you just finished a multiplayer game with strangers you were matched within a lobby and some of them catch your interest, or you have friends using Xbox Series X/S and you would love to play some games with them. On the other hand, maybe another user is fascinated with how you play certain games and would love to keep a close tab with you. In the first scenario, the best thing to do is send a request and in the latter, you will probably accept a request. Whatever the case, here’s how to go about them.

To Add Friends

1) The first thing to do is press the Xbox button to open the console guide, and then select People, then ‘Find Someone’.

2) Now, search for a Gamertag, careful not to misspell or leave a space where there should be none.

3) At this point, the user account with the Gamertag will pop up, so simply press the A button to select it.

4) Now, select Add Friend and then Submit.

Alternatively, you can select the Recently Played With option after selecting people. This will show users you recently played with and you can add them.

To Accept Friend Requests

1) First, go to the Menu using the Xbox Button.

2) Then go under Profile & System and select Choose a Profile so you can sign in to your Gamertag.

3) If you are already signed in, navigate to Notifications and click on the bell icon.

4) Now you will see pending requests, simply click on them to accept or reject.

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