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How to change Farming Simulator (FS) 22 language?

The love for farming and the dream of owning a farm and cultivating different crops as well as raising livestock is something fans of Farming Simulator always loved to do so. From building an animal farm to growing a lush vineyard, along with real-life tools and machinery is what makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable for fans across the world. You can expand on various ventures in Farming Simulator 22 such as Forestry, Animal Husbandry, and Agriculture while facing challenges the game throws you in different seasons, especially Winter. To understand the game’s objectives, the game is available in multiple languages that cater to audiences all across the globe like English, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, simplified Chinese, and many more. if you’re not comfortable with the native language of the game and wish to change it. Read on more to know about the game and change the game to your desired language.

Farming Simulator 22 not working

How to change the language in Farming Simulator 22?

As the fanbase of this game expands to around the globe, it is normal that the game will feature multiple languages that all kinds of users will be able to enjoy the game. To change the language of Farming Simulator 22. After launching the game, head to “Options” in the game, and in general settings the language option will be there, but it is greyed out and doesn’t let the players change it to their desired language. To enable the option to change language, follow the necessary steps.

  • If you own the game in Steam, head to the library menu, and right-click on Farming Simulator 22, and select properties.
  • After selecting properties, go to the language tab and choose the language you’re most comfortable in the game.
  • After selecting the language, close the window and launch the game.

Farming Simulator 22 Force Feedback not working properly

If you’ve followed every step perfectly, you’ll be able to see that the default language of the game has changed to the language of your choice. To confirm this, head to the options again and in general settings, you can see that the language of the game has been changed. However, currently, some of the languages in the game are not working right now such as Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Danish. We believe that they’ll be fixed in the future update of the game. Be on the lookout for updates of Farming Simulator and if you’re using Steam, you’ll be able to update them instantly whenever as soon as it launches.


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