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How to change Field of view ( FOV) in Halo Infinite

Thanks to the surprising release of its multiplayer mode, Halo Infinite is officially here with it’s initial release. The game has the typical arena shooter gunplay that fans have come to expect, as well as some new map additions to liven things up. It features 4 vs 4 arena Quickplay and 12 vs 12 Big Team Battle. There are 10 maps available in the game as of right now. These are maps that all contain some sort of environment experience.

Here are a list of modes and maps for the available multiplayer:

Halo Infinite beta arena modes Halo Infinite beta arena maps
Slayer Live Fire
Capture the Flag Behemoth
Oddball Streets
Attrition Recharge
Elimination Aquarius
Strongholds Bazaar
Fiesta Launch Site


Halo Infinite Big Team Battle modes Halo Infinite Big Team Battle maps
Slayer Deadlock
Total Control Fragmentation
Capture the Flag High Power

Some may provide a better field of view over the other. This could be a determining factor in identifying or getting identified during long range shootouts and surprises. It may include even more benefits mentioned below if adjusted the right way.

Field of View:

This field of view within the game holds a lot of  weight. Players may view more of the battlefield and environment by increasing the Field-of-View (FOV) setting. This may help to prevent “tunnel vision” or motion sickness, which some players may suffer from. This detrimental factor can be adjusted by following the instructions below:

  • PC: Press the ESC key on your keyboard until you reach the Control Panel menu from any menu when not in a match.
    Xbox: Press the Menu button on your Xbox controller (the one with three horizontal lines towards the middle of your controller) to bring up the Control Panel menu from any menu when not in a match.
  • Setup Options
  • Select the Video tab from the navigation bar at the top.
  • Look for the Field of View slider in the Display section.
  • Toggle the slider to the desired position. The temperature is set at 78° by default. Increase this number to broaden your field of view.
  • Your settings will be saved when you exit the menu.

These Settings to change adjust the Field of View can be adjusted accordingly even during a game. When the Field of View is adjusted higher than the normal (78°), staring straight down will obscure your character’s legs. Higher Field of View settings may lower frames per second, however this has no effect on gameplay (FPS).


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