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How to Change FOV In State of Decay 2

Field of view or field of vision usually abbreviated as FOV in video games is a setting that allows how much of the gaming environment a player can see or observe at once on their screen. Playing with a wider FOV will definitely help you pick out details faster in the game and there is no saying how much of an advantage this gives in FPS games. However, this will likely take a toll on the time needed to completely load a gaming environment and lower framerates, but this also depends on what system you are using. With these in mind, it is easy to see why fans have been looking for info on how to change FOV in State of Decay 2. If you have been looking as well, you are on track as we will walk you through the steps.

How to Change FOV In State of Decay 2
How to Change FOV In State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2 is the sequel to State of Decay, earlier released in 2013. The survival game features zombies and a post-apocalyptic environment, with cool graphics and a storyline. As much as we would love to discuss the mechanisms of the game as a whole, let’s stick to the main topic of the day.

How to Change FOV In State of Decay 2

Althoug the game doesn’t offer a FOV slider, you can tweak some in-game files to make the changes. The steps to changing FOV in the game are quite straightforward. However, it should be noted the value you set it to will likely have an impact on the game. Here’s how to go about it.

  • First, navigate to your Username folder on your C drive, then open the AppData folder and then the Local folder.
  • Next, click open the game folder ‘StateofDecay2’, and open the Saved folder.
  • This will lead you to the Config folder. Open that, then click on WindowsNoEditor.
  • Now, open the GameUserSettings.ini file with Notepad and add FOV= (the FOV value you want) in the text editor under [/script/daytongame.daytongameusersettings]. Maybe FOV=120, which seems to be the most common.

This is a breakdown of steps but there is one method for this. Simply simply type in “%LOCALAPPDATA%\StateOfDecay2\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\” in the search bar of your PC file explorer, then open Engine.ini and input [SystemSettings] r.FieldOfView=(your preferred FOV value). The FOV slider in the game is just so awesome, take full advantage of it for even better gameplay.

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