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How to clone any Pokémon in Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

In Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, a new glitch has been uncovered that allows players to replicate any Pokémon they own as long as they sacrifice one of their Pokémon into their PC box.

This process can also be used to duplicate items that the Pokémon are carrying. Legendary Pokémon like Dialga and special items like the Master Ball may be duplicated using this method. The essential condition is that you have progressed far enough in the game to reach Solaceon, which occurs shortly after the second Gym is completed. There is no guarantee that this glitch will last, this may be patched soon, therefore players should utilize it while it still exists.

Here are the steps to clone any Pokémon:

  • You can give an item to the Pokémon you want to clone, which will also be duplicated alongside it. If you give it an item later in the process, the glitch may reset.
  • Place two Pokémon in the same place on two distinct boxes. (Neither of these two will be affected, they are only required to initiate the glitch).
  • Place one Pokémon in Box One’s bottom-right corner and another in Box Two’s bottom-right corner. (It can be any position in the boxes, but the positions should be identical in each box)
  • In your Battle Box, register one of these Pokémon. (Press X twice to access battle box.)
  • Go and Check the Day Care in Solaceon Town to see whether there are any Pokémon there.
  • Speak with the lady. From the two Pokémon you put in the boxes, pick the Pokémon that is presently not in your Battle Box.
  • Select your other Pokémon in the other box that was not registered in the battle box.
  • Then access the Box List and Press Y button to select one of the boxes and swap them. This will display one of the Pokémon as both Registered and Selected. (Normally a registered Pokémon cannot be selected). Press B button to back out and deposit the Pokémon into the daycare.
  • Return to the Battle Box by reopening your box. If the Glitch was done successfully, you should notice Japanese writing on the bottom of the Battle Box. (Do not touch the Japanese text, it will break the game).
  • Choose a Pokémon that you don’t mind losing, like a spare Magikarp. Do not choose the one you want to dublicate. When you place this Pokémon in the Battle Box and insert it, it will quickly vanish.
  • Place the Pokémon you wish to duplicate in the battle box.
  • In the Battle Box window, view the summary of these Pokémon. Close it, and if everything went well, you should now have two of the same Pokémon in your Battle Box, indicating that the duplication occurred.
  • Repeat the process for more duplications.



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