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How to complete the Pokedex & get the National Dex in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Completing the Pokedex is one of the most sought-after objectives in Pokémon games. To acquire the National Dex, players will need to complete 150 Pokémon entries (Manaphy is the 151st entry, however it is not essential to be encountered) and beat the Elite 4. To complete the entries, it is not required to capture all Pokémon, encountering them is enough.

Filling the Pokedex

Tips to Fill the PokeDex:

  • Because the legendaries for Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are different, people may be perplexed as to how they were able to obtain both Pokedex entries. After defeating Cyrus, talk to Cynthia’s grandmother in Celestic Town to get the information for Dialga or Palkia at Spear Pillar. (She has the biggest house in the town).
  • Another easily missable entry is Riolu, who can be hatched from an Egg given to them by Riley inside a cave on Iron Island.
  • The Hiker at Route 209 near Hearthome City will gift you an egg that hatches into Manaphy.
  • To catch a Drifloon, players must first defeat Team Galactic in the Valley Windworks east of Floaroma Town in order to view or catch Drifloon. This event occurs after you’ve acquired the first Gym Badge. The scientist and his daughter will drop hints about a rare Pokémon that visits the Valley Windworks every week once you’ve tracked down Team Galactic. Drifloon only shows up on Fridays. It is simple to find, arriving outside the Valley Windworks and ready to begin an encounter.
  • The Pokemon “Unknown” is not held by any trainer and must be encountered or caught by going to a cave in Solaceon Town. It is located to the North, called the Solaceon Ruins.
  • If you have not encountered a Wooper, go to Route 212. This is easily missed because the game can be completed without needing to get into it.
  • If you have not encountered a Finneon, go to Route 205 and fish for pokemon. You will have 45% encounter rate with a good rod.
  • If you have not encountered a Lumineon, go to Route 223, North of Sunnyshore. Encounter the female trainer in the water (Surf is needed).
  • Munchlax, Apom and Combi can be encountered in the Grand Underground.
  • Clefa can be encountered with a 25% chance in the mornings (5% usually) at Mount Coronet from Route 207. Just head south after entering the entrance.

Unlocking National Dex:

If trainers have recorded 150 entries in their Pokedex, they should return to Professor Rowan’s residence in Sandgem Town, where Professor Oak will come and add National Mode to create the National Dex. A total of 342 Pokémon will be added to the game world when players get the National Dex from Professor Oak. You also unlock new objectives for the game along with the new Pokémon.

This contains the Grand Underground and the Great Marsh Safari Zone, as well as all of the open zones. This however changes the encounter rate of Pokémon, reducing the chances to encounter the previous 150. This may only be a deal breaker if your goal is to “Catch’em all,” since it will slow you down if you haven’t previously captured them already.



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