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How to download Minecraft new launcher (Game Pass version) from Microsoft Store?

The new Minecraft Launcher, which is available on the Microsoft Store, provides a platform for users to access all of their Minecraft games. This contains Minecraft Dungeons, Java Edition, and other similar games. The games, on the other hand, are not included with the launcher and must be purchased individually. This launcher makes it convenient to maintain all Minecraft games and DLCs you have purchased previously. This new launcher is specifically made for windows 10 and 11, while the old one was for windows 7 and 8.

The launcher has been migrated to the Microsoft Store. The approach to download the Minecraft Launcher for free (as it should be) is concealed behind a few additional button clicks in an effort to push the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox App to as many customers as possible. To get the Minecraft Launcher for free on the Microsoft Store, follow the following instructions. These instructions are only applicable if you own Minecraft on your account.

Steps to download The New Minecraft Launcher for FREE:

Step1: Search for the Minecraft Launcher on the Microsoft Store search Bar. Click on the launcher as instructed in the picture.

Minecraft launcher
Minecraft launcher

Step2: There will be two options on doing so. Click on the “Get from Xbox app”. This will open the Xbox app or download it if you don’t already have it installed.

Minecraft launcher - Get from Xbox app
Minecraft launcher – Get from Xbox app

Step3: Login to the Xbox app and there will be an install button for downloading components if you haven’t had them downloaded. [See picture Below].

Xbox App
Xbox App

Step4: Head back to the Microsoft store and click on “Get from Xbox app” again. This will open the Minecraft launcher in the Xbox app for download.

Step5: Click on the “GET Free” button. This will lead the Xbox app to ask you to sign in, after which it will be added to your account.

Minecraft launcher free
Minecraft launcher Get Free

Step6: This will reveal the install button on both the Microsoft Store and Xbox App. Click on “Install”.

Minecraft launcher Install Button
Minecraft launcher Install Button

These are the steps to install it for free. The entire process was lengthened due to the store pushing consumers to purchase the Xbox Game Pass. This process for installing insinuates consumers to click on the highlighted button which leads to the game pass. Throughout the process, it is clearly misleading consumers to believe that the launcher would only be available if one were to purchase the Game Pass despite the fact that it’s mentioned that it’s free.


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