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How to fix Axie Infinity not working on PC issue?

The most popular game that lets players enjoy gaming and earning at the same time, Axie Infinity has become widespread around the globe. Millions of people are drawn to this game that uses Blockchain technology and is digitized as NFT’s and lets players earns a decent amount of money. Originally inspired from popular games like Tamagotchi and Pokemon and has the same mechanics of these games like collecting, breeding, raising, and battling token-based creatures called “Axies”. It operates by using pay to earn model where players earn tokens and by converting them into in-game assets, which are traded on Binance as ethereum based cryptocurrency. It has paved way for many players who are earning and enjoying playing the game, redefining the gaming experience at its best. You’ll get to own your assets in the game and monetize them as the ecosystem grows.

A minimum of three axies is required to play a session with multiple players around the globe and continues to grow at a tremendous pace. Apparently, many users are facing an error that rendered Axie Infinity not functioning properly and if you’re here, that means you’re also facing the same issue of Axie Infinity not working on your PC or laptop and are looking for a fix. With that being said, let’s jump into the error that’s causing the app to crash constantly and fixes for the app.

Axie Infinity


Multiple users reported that aside from Axie Infinity not launching. They were also experiencing connectivity issues in PvP, sessions not loading. The developers apparently haven’t released an update and this is causing massive uproars from users that are unable to enjoy this game. People even tried the traditional method of reinstalling Axie Infinity from scratch that usually fixes the corrupt or missing files of the application. Sadly even this method has failed and users are left frustrated and angry and have no idea whatsoever of the issue caused by an unknown factor.


After thorough research on the internet, we’ve come across one simple fix that’ll get Axis Infinity to function as intended. Just follow the steps below

  • Click on the search bar on the lower left side of the start button in Windows 10.
  • Search %appdata% in the search box and press enter
  • A window will open that’ll list the files in the Roaming folder
  • Click on the upper arrow icon on the top left side or Alt + Arrow up in Keyboard
  • Open the LocalLow folder and navigate to the Sky Mavis folder
  • Under the Sky Mavis folder, you’ll see the Axie Infinity folder
  • Delete that folder and launch Axie Infinity again

This fix will most likely fix the issue of Axie Infinity not opening on your PC, if not you’ll probably have to wait for an update from devs to fix the issue.


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