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How to fix Battlefield (BF) 2042 controller not working issue

The official release date for Battlefield 2042 has been set for November 19, 2021. Battlefield 2042 features a return to the diverse warfare pioneered in it’s predecessor, with tanks, jets, and infantry combat all taking part.

Full Early access to Battlefield 2042 began on November 12 for individuals who pre-ordered the Gold and Ultimate Editions of the game, as well as EA Play Pro subscribers. On the same day, Xbox Game Pass, Game Pass Ultimate, and EA Play customers were offered a 10-hour early access trial to Battlefield 2042. The progress from the early access will be carried onto the full version of the game.

The Battlefield 2042 Controller issue:

The game, however, has had its fair share of bugs. This was to be expected, as most games have such issues at launch, but this is an early access circumstance. There is also the fact that the game may have been rushed to make the holiday season despite it’s shortcomings.

One particular issue within the game right now is in regards to using controllers. There have been two particular issues under this – Mis-mapped buttons on the controller and controllers not registering while playing the game. Here are the list of workaround solutions for these problems.

The Fix:

The Controller bug with the Xbox Controllers on PC can be fixed if the game is run using Origin (EA’s distribution platform, like STEAM). Also try unplugging any other external input device like some extra button, controller, foot pedal etc. that may be connected to your PC (this does not include keyboard and mouse).

For Play Station controllers, here are the steps as follows:

  • Open Steam and Add the Game to the Steam Library [Through Add Non-Steam Game].
  • Right click on Battlefield 2042 -> Choose Properties.
  • Click on the Controller tab from the menu on the left.
PS4 and PS5-controller Fix for Battlefield 2042
PS4 and PS5-controller Fix for Battlefield 2042


  • Select Enable Steam Input from the Override For Battlefield 2042 drop-down menu.
  • Select PlayStation as your Steam Input Status.
  • Your PS4 or PS5 controller should function after you launch Battlefield 2042.

If this does not bear fruit, you can also try using a wired connection if it was previously wireless. Also try to test out the controller on some other games to make sure the issue does not originate from your controller.

EA help has also suggested that players should try re-installing the game. Then to reset the controller settings and delete the game saved data from the game’s directory. Use this option only when all the previous ones fail, although, it does not guarantee complete success. The game has recognized this issue and is currently working on a fix before it’s official release.


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