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How to fix Black Screen & Bad Egg in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

For everybody who’s been trying all the cloning exploits and other bugs and exploits in brilliant diamond and shining pearl, here’s how to deal with the black screen and bad egg. The reason for the black screen is that people have been entering matches too quickly and going to the menus before the match has completed loading. Therefore, if you enter the menus too quickly, it will leave you on a black screen, regardless of whichever menu you enter.

The best way to not face this issue in the first place would probably be to not attempt any of the clone glitches within the game. There have been not one but multiple methods for cloning Pokémon and their held items. The black screen issue originates from the cloning glitch while in battle, if the player navigates too quickly.

Fix for Black Screen and Bad Egg:

There is no specific fix for this issue, but rather workarounds. All you need to do is to avoid the trigger for the black screen glitch. Here are the steps to avoid this problem, listed below:

  • When you come across a match you want to wait until the white screen flashes; don’t press anything. After that, you’re set to go.
  • After the flash, you can go to the menu and utilize the cloning glitch by adding the Pokémon in the box.
  • A user stated “If your game crashes when getting an encounter after Menu-Overflow, Try making sure you do not have any Repels active. This will crash when it expires. Waste the repel, and re-preform the menu-overflow and it will work like normal. (until patched)”

The bad egg issue arises after the battle when you are about to clone the Pokémon. The issue is when the egg still remains after the clone is made. To overcome this issue, you must clone the Pokémon twice using the same egg. Here are the tips and steps mentioned below:

  • Never utilise a pokemon with the ability to evolve; it will become trapped after removing the harmful egg. Even at 0 exp, it will attempt to evolve, but the game will freeze before it does so.
  • Using the menu,  You can clone a bad egg once you have one in your party.
  • Go to our party menu and go into the boxes.
  • Now, before you do anything else, press Y twice to access the multi-select, where you can’t see the bad egg even though it’s there.
  • Click or select the pokemon you want to clone and move down two places so that it really clones it.
  • Even after the first clone is created, the bad egg stays on the team.
  • Repeat the glitch for cloning again by viewing summary and let the light during battle load (or it either crashes or goes into black screen)
  • Go into the pokemon boxes go in there and push Y twice again for multi
  • Now the egg is gone but we’re actually simply going to move the second Pokémon from our party if you want to avoid hitting other menus in the battle do it swiftly rather than slowly.
  • Although that glitch is still working even though you can only see the box screen where you will notice a little glitch of the egg moving from the third position to the second position.
  • Hit the B button and run from the battle.
  • When this match is ends or you run, that egg actually becomes another clone and that’s the end of the egg.

Here is the Youtube video for initiating this glitch and avoiding the issues that come with it:


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