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How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Mic on Windows 11 Issue

Discord is one very accessible and popular app used in the world today for forms of communication like texting, video call, and the like. The app lets people connect with those who share similar ideas about different areas of life/games. In recent times, there’ve been complaints about the mic not being detected by Discord on the relatively new Windows 11, which is why in this article we will discuss how to fix this issue for good.

How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Mic on Windows 11 Issue
How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Mic on Windows 11 Issue

Discord helps users interact with other users personally or in groups with the use of text, voice, and video. However, microphone issues can disrupt your voice and video interactions and can leave you disappointed. We’ve come up with possible ways to fix this issue. Kindly read through the steps and apply them appropriately.

How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Mic on Windows 11 Issue?

The reason for Discord not detecting the mic on Windows 11 could be the result of a damaged or outdated microphone driver or due to wrong settings applied.  It can also be a result of a bug. However, the solutions to the issues are listed below.

Step 1) Restart PC

The first step is to restart your PC. After you’ve done this, you should confirm if the Discord mic is functioning or not. If the issue isn’t resolved, follow the next step.

Step 2) Set Mic as Default Input Device

The second step is to set the microphone as a default input device. Follow the following methods to do so:

1) Open the Discord app and tap the User Settings button in the lower-left corner.

2) Under App settings, select Voice & Video.

3) Click on the Input device menu and click on the microphone you wish to use from the variety of options that pops up to make it the default input device.

4) Now, save the changes and restart Discord.

Step 3) Ensure Discord Can Access Mic

To be able to do this, follow the following steps.

1) Press Windows + I to open the Settings menu. Now, choose Privacy & Security from the list of tabs in the navigation bar on the left.

2) Navigate through to App permissions, and click on the Microphone tab.

3) Check to see if Discord has access to the microphone, and if not, enable it by switching the toggle. This should fix the issue.

Step 4) Update Mic Driver

The next step is to update the microphone driver using the following steps.

1) To launch the search menu, press Windows + S, type Device Manager in the text area at the top and select the appropriate search result that displays.

2) Make a double-click on the Audio Inputs & Outputs setting to see the devices under it.

3) Make a right-click on the primary microphone and select the Update Driver option.

4) From the two options that appear, select the Search Automatically for Drivers option.

5) Wait for the OS to install the best microphone drivers it can find. After this, the error should be fixed. If not, consider uninstalling the driver and restarting your PC.

Step 5) Run Discord as Administrator

The next step is to run Discord as an administrator following these steps.

1) Enter Discord in Windows Search and right-click on the corresponding search result that displays the Discord application and choose Run as administrator from the context menu.

2) On the User Account Control prompt that appears, click Yes.

Step 6) Reset Voice Settings

The next step is to reset the voice settings in Discord.

1) Launch the Discord app and select the User Settings icon.

2) Click on Voice & Video option under App settings.

3) Navigate through to the bottom and click on Reset Voice option.

Step 7) Update Windows 11

If the issue persists, the next step is to update Windows 11. Head to the Windows Update section of your PC and click on the Check for Updates option.

Step 8) Disable Exclusive Mode

The next step is to disable the exclusive mode by following the steps below;

1) To launch the search menu, press Windows + S, type Change System Sounds in the text area at the top, and select the appropriate search result that displays.

2) Click on the Recording tab from the top.

3) Make a right-click on the microphone and click on Properties.

4) Navigate to the Advanced Tab in the microphone Properties window.

5) Uncheck the box next to “Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device,” and then click “OK” to save the changes.

Step 9) Reinstall the Discord App

The final and perhaps most desperate step is to uninstall and reinstall the Discord app. This should definitely rectify the issue. If it persists, contact Discord customer care.

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