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How to fix GTA 5 online not working on PS4 issue

Being a multiplayer game, GTA 5 Online is often known for running into a variety of errors and this has caused frustration among many. Since the game is available on multiple platforms, there are certain issues that are limited to a particular platform. One such is the GTA 5 Online not working on the PS4 issue where players are unable to start the game on their console. So, is there a fix to this? Well, there is and we are going to share all the details regarding the same. Here’s everything you need to know.

There can be multiple reasons why this error occurs on PS4 consoles. We know that consoles don’t run into errors often unlike PC but when it does, the issue just renders the game unplayable. As such, the GTA 5 Online not working issue has been one of the major errors that have restricted the game’s access for many. Frustrated players are looking for fixes all over the internet but if you have landed here, consider yourself lucky as we have shared some legit workarounds that will fix the issue. Continue reading for more details.


How to fix GTA 5 online not working on PS4 issue

With the given workarounds, we are sure that you can fix the issue for good in just a couple of minutes.

1) Check your Internet Connection

If you are unable to launch GTA 5 Online on your PS5 as it is stuck on the loading screen, chances are that your internet connection is slow or unstable. So, either switch to a wired connection or change your internet connection for better results.

2) Check server status

If you are trying to access the game when the servers are down, then you will encounter this error as the game won’t be able to connect to the servers. So, head to this link here to check if GTA 5 Online servers are running or not.

3) Change DNS Settings

Sometimes due to faulty DNS Settings, your PS4 console might be unable to utilize your internet resources, resulting in the not working issue. So, to fix it, follow the given steps-

Head to the Settings menu on your PS4.
Navigate to Network and select Set Up Internet Connection.
Now, select the Manual option and under DNS Option, enter the given settings-


After this, restart your console and then launch GTA 5 Online to check if the error persists.

4) Restart your Console

If the error persists, then consider restarting your console. You can also try reinstalling the game if all the mentioned workarounds failed to fix the error.

So, this is how you can fix the GTA 5 online not working on the PS4 issue. For more guides and information on newly released games, make sure to follow Vabsaga.


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