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How to Fix League of Legends ‘Find Match Not Working’ Issue

What kills the fun of playing League of Legends is when trying to get matched in the game and it greys out or pressing the button doesn’t yield a positive response. In this article, we will be looking at how to fix the League of Legends ‘find match not working’ issue.

How to Fix League of Legends ‘Find Match Not Working’ Issue

League of Legends is unarguably Riot Game’s most popular game. The multiplayer game was released for Microsoft Windows in 2009 and was made available for macOS. In the game, there are two teams of five players that engage in a player-vs-player kind of fight while defending and occupying their part of the map. Each of the ten players controls a “champion,” a character with special skills and styles in playing. Let’s see how to fix the League of legends ‘find match not working’ issue.

How to Fix League of Legends ‘Find Match Not Working’ Issue

The client does not update when these issues happen, but players are added to a match queue. You can monitor Riot Games Support’s Twitter account or their server status page for any notifications to see if there are any server problems with League of Legends. If you’ve confirmed that the issue is not from the servers, follow these steps to fix the problem.

Step 1) Restart Game

Restarting the game has proven to be a basic but very reliable fix to glitches and issues like this. Simply close the game completely and launch it again. If the issue isn’t resolved, try the next step.

Step 2) Deactivate VPN

Those using a VPN always encounter this issue. The VPN is probably to blame if you’re experiencing the same issue and seeing the same message while using one. It is advisable to deactivate the VPN. If you have a dedicated IP VPN, then you should be able to play the game.

Step 3) Disable Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)

The IPv6 can also be a reason why you experience the find match not working issue in League of Legends. It is advisable to disable it. Follow these steps to do so

1) Press Windows + R to open the Run dialog box and type ncpa.cpl.
2) From the context menu of your active network, select Properties.
3) Then, uncheck the TCP/IPv6 option.
4) Click Ok to save changes made.

Step 4) Check your Internet Connection

We recommend that you check your internet connection. Multiplayer games demand a reliable internet connection. An internet connection via broadband is also advised. You can also try turning your internet connection on and off to see if it fixes the issue

Step 5) Initiate Complete Repair

You can try out this fix to fix the issue. To initiate complete repair, follow these steps.

1) Go to the League of Legends Launcher.
2) Then, go to Settings and click on the Initiate full repair option.
3) Finally, click yes to confirm.

Step 6) Run the Game as Administrator

To run the game as administrator, follow these steps:

1) Make a right click on the League of Legends shortcut and select Properties.
2) Go to the Compatibility tab and choose Change settings for all users.
3) The ‘Run this program as Administrator’ option should be checked.
4) Click on the Ok button to confirm.

That should fix the LOL find match not working issue. Be sure to share this article with friends in your gaming community, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more gaming tips and updates.


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