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How to fix Minecraft Launcher Error 0x87DD0005 with message we couldn’t sign you in to Xbox Live

If you’re playing Minecraft using the Xbox Live app and suddenly the game doesn’t let you log in to the game and fetches a 0x87DD0005 error. Chances are there might be a case of corrupt files or windows issues. The Minecraft launcher error refusing to launch the game with the message “we couldn’t sign you into Xbox Live” might be due to issues with the game itself or Xbox launcher and we’ll list every fix that’ll get your game running back to usual.

Xbox App Login Error 0x87DD0005

How to fix Minecraft Launcher Error 0x87DD0005

Log in on both Microsoft Store and Xbox App and open the apps.

To fix the launcher error 0x87DD0005, open both Microsoft Store and Xbox live in the background. If you’re logging in on Minecraft, make sure both of the apps are active in the background, and make sure you’re logged in both of them using the same account. Including Minecraft as well and trying to run the game again.

Sign out from the Microsoft Store and Xbox Live app.

Another fix that you can try to get the launcher issue fixed in Minecraft is by signing out of Microsoft Store and Xbox Live app by clicking on the profile icon and logging out. After doing so, open the Minecraft launcher and try to log in with your account.

Xbox App Login Error 0x87DD0005

Delete Xbox Live login credentials

Sometimes the Minecraft launcher not signing into the game could be caused by the Xbox Live app itself, mainly because of technical issues or the fault in the app. To delete Xbox live credentials follow the steps.

  • In the Windows search menu, search credential manager and click on the app.
  • In the WIndows Credentials, scroll down until you find xbl grts device key or xbl device key
  • Click on it and click on remove, and then click on yes and scroll down until you find xbl device key again and remove it
  • Restart the PC and check to see if Minecraft is logging.

Repair/Reset the Minecraft launcher

If you’ve tried every method listed over and still didn’t fix the launcher error, there’s a good chance the Minecraft launcher is corrupted and needs to be repaired/reset to fix it. To do so, follow the necessary steps to do so.

  • Got to settings by searching on Windows search menu
  • Go to apps and then head to “Apps and Features”.
  • In the search box, type Minecraft launcher and click on it, you’ll see an advanced option
  • Scroll down until you see the repair option under the Reset tab, click on it and let it finish.

Try logging in again and see if the launcher can get you into the game, and if not you can click on the reset option just below the repair one and try again.


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