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How To Fix Nvidia Graphics Driver Is Not Compatible With This Version of Windows 11 Issue

The pandemic severely affected the world and the gaming industry saw its fair share of surprises too. Co-op games like Among US, Fall Guys, and such saw a huge uptick in player numbers while sales of hybrid console-Nintendo Switch outsold PlayStation and Xbox. On the other hand, companies like NVIDIA and AMD faced a lot of supply chain issues, leading to a shortage of GPU cards. This even led to an unfortunate rise in scalpers trying to profit from the shortage.

Fortunately, this problem has died down a little. The shortage still somewhat remains but for the most part, cards and consoles are slowly increasing in stock. Nvidia also decided to launch a new series of 4000 series cards with AMD soon to debut its own in a few weeks in the retail market. As always the new graphics card are amazing with overall excellent performance. But with each new product comes new problems. It is a fact that no matter how much QA testing gets done, there will always be bugs and errors in a product. And it seems that Nvidia graphics drivers are facing compatibility issues on the new Windows 11 systems. So, is there a fix? Let’s find out!!

How To Fix Nvidia Graphics Driver Is Not Compatible With This Version of Windows 11 Issue

How To Fix Nvidia Graphics Driver Is Not Compatible With This Version of Windows 11 Issue

Issues like this can have many reasons behind them. Furthermore, what works for you may not work for another user. And so, it is always a good idea to follow each step if the previous one doesn’t work.

Check the driver architecture version –

64 and 32-bit driver versions are completely different from one another. If you try to install a 64-bit driver into a 32-bit PC, it will not work at all. So, before you start the process, check your PC version and the driver one too. On Windows 11, you can check your PC version by going into settings. The driver version can be seen by just looking at the download details.

Use GeForce experience to download and install –

Nvidia provides its app to consumers known as Nvidia GeForce Experience. This app helps in downloading and installing the correct drivers so that the PC doesn’t face any unnecessary issues. If by any chance you are not using this app, download this and use it to install the latest graphics driver.

Update your Windows 11 –

This may seem like a simple one, but many users forget to check the basics. In a lot of cases, windows interfere with graphics installation leading to errors due to it being outdated. Another thing to add here is that Windows 11 is fairly “new” compared to Windows 10, which has countless updates to make it good. To download the latest update of Windows 11, go to settings > Updates and Security > Check for Updates. If you have updates available, download them and install them.

Reinstall the driver –

You can also try to reinstall your downloaded driver. At times, downloads can get corrupted leading to a compatibility error. To reinstall the driver, you first need to uninstall it. Press the Windows key on your keyboard + R. This will open the run command. Type devmgmt.msc in it and press ok. Next, you will see a lot of options. Ignore those and head over to Display Adapters. Right-click on the primary GPU option, and select uninstall. A warning window will appear next. Just click on “Attempt to remove driver from this device” and the uninstall option. Now you have successfully uninstalled the driver. After this, go to the Geforce Experience Application and download the latest drivers for your GPU from there.

Disable Anti-virus and Firewall –

Disabling antivirus software and firewall can solve your issues as these sometimes block the installation of drivers and cause compatibility issues. If you have Windows antivirus activated, just go to settings and disable the Antivirus along with Firewall settings as well.

We hope that this article has helped you in solving compatibility issues with your Nvidia driver on Windows 11. If you want to know about Nvidia DLSS support in Sackboy A Big Adventure, check out this article. Follow VabSaga for more on gaming and tech. Game on!!


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