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How to fix Pokemon Go Error 29

Pokemon Go in all honesty does not need any reintroduction as most players are already neck deep in the game, and more players are signing up for the game on a daily basis. The only info most Pokemon Go players are eager to receive is news about the release of new Pokemon, and fixes for glitches and errors encountered in the game. As awesome and trendy as the game is, many players do run into issues while playing the game. One such is error 29 otherwise known as the Pokemon Go Gym error, and in the course of this article, we will discuss how to fix it for good. Although the game’s developers constantly work to squash bugs and fix errors, players still run into them nevertheless. The good news is most of these issues like Error 29 can be fixed by players with some potential workarounds, and we will show you how.

How to fix Pokemon Go Error 29
How to fix Pokemon Go Error 29

Before we get to how to fix the error, a good knowledge of why they occur in the first place will be instrumental to preventing them from the onset. It will also help players know what parts to focus on when attempting to resolve the issue. So, what causes the Pokemon Go gym error? From the experiences of players who have encountered the error, we came to know that this usually occurs as a result of the player leaving the Pokemon gym while in a fight, and then attempting to rejoin the gym immediately. What happens next is the player is asked to wait for 45 minutes before rejoining, and some say this is to prevent cheating by some players. Whatever the case, here are possible ways you can fix the issue.

How fix Pokemon Go Error 29

Like most errors in video games, there are many ways this can be resolved. Here are some proven ways to rectify the error.

Step 1) Leave the Gym Battle Range

The first step to trying in resolving this error is to leave the gym battle range and not attempt to rejoin for some time. This will only take 10 minutes at most, and also reset the game algorithm. If for some reason this doesn’t work, try the next step.

Step 2) Battle at Another Gym

Most times the error gets resolved when you try another gym. You can then go back to the previous gym and the error message will be gone. This could be due to a reset in gym configurations but it surely works.

Step 3) Change the Pokemon Line-up

You can as well change or rearrange the line-up of your Pokemon roster, including the ones you haven’t used. This guarantees only a slight chance of fixing the error, but it has worked for some.

Step 4) Battle Another Pokemon

Many players experience the error while trying to rejoin the battle after healing from defeating the first Pokemon of the Gym leader. Should this be the case, simply take on the next Pokemon so you do not lose all from trying to rejoin an already lost battle.

Step 5) Avoid Spinning the Photo Disc

The Gym’s photo disc looks enticing to spin no doubt, but avoid doing that. Many players have been bounced out of the gym after making a spin.

Hope this helped fix error 29 on your Pokemon Go. Stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates, and kindly share this article with friends.


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