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How to Fix PS App Not Downloading Games Issues

For gamers looking for the steps on how to fix PS App not downloading games issues, this article is for you. These issues might be caused as a result of outdated software, a slow internet connection, or even an outage of PSN servers. Whatever the root cause is, let’s discuss how to fix it.

How to Fix PS App Not Downloading Games Issues
How to Fix PS App Not Downloading Games Issues

The PlayStation app was developed by Sony to help gamers have access to remote and community features via the PlayStation Network. The app has really interesting features like; Getting notifications and game alerts, seeing achievements and comparing medals, following the most recent player activity from your friends and followers, buying games and add-ons from the PlayStation store, and lots more. Let’s discuss how to fix the game download issues in the app.

How to Fix PS App Not Downloading Games Issues

When the PS App is unable to download games, it leaves the users frustrated as they can’t access the new games. Let’s see how to fix the issue.

Step 1) Check the PSN Status

The first step you should take to fix the downloading issues on the PS app is to go to the PlayStation’s official website to check the PSN status. There, you’ll see if the servers are down or not. If they’re infact down, you just have to be patient till they’re back online.

Step 2) Restart the Device

We highly recommend that you restart your device. The PlayStation app might not function properly as a result of temporary problems with some system files on your device. For Android, restart your device by holding on to the power button till the power menu pops up. Then, select restart. For iOS users, go to the Assistive Touch feature on your iPad or iPhone and select Device. Then, select more and choose Restart.

Step 3) Check your Network Connection

A slow or unstable network can be a reason why you are experiencing downloading issues in your PS app. You must have a quick and dependable network because you are accessing an online platform. You should run a test using various speed test websites to determine your network’s current upload and download bandwidth to determine if your network is the issue.

Step 4) Clear the PS App’s Cache Data for Android

Some of your downloaded files may have encountered errors because of some bugs and glitches. To make there are no damaged or corrupt files on your Android device, we advise clearing the PS app cache data. Follow these steps

1) Go to the PlayStation app.
2) Then, press and hold the icon till a menu appears on your screen.
3) Select the App info and then go to Storage. Now, tap on the clear data option.

Step 5) Reinstall the PlayStation App

If you still encounter downloading issues, we advise reinstalling the PlayStation app.

For Android users:

1) Go to the PlayStation app.
2) Then, press and hold the app icon till a menu appears.
3) Select the Uninstall button to delete the PlayStation App.

For iOS users: 

1) Go to the PlayStation app on your device.
2) Then, hold on to the app icon till the menu pops up.
3) Select the remove app tab to uninstall.

Go to the App Store or Play Store and reinstall the PlayStation App there after uninstalling.

Step 6) Report the problem to Customer Support

If you’ve tried all the possible fixes and you still encounter the issue, we recommend that you visit PlayStation’s official website and share your complaints with their customer support.

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