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How to fix PS5 Controller Disconnecting Issue?

There have been a slew of complaints about the PS5 controllers disconnecting at random intervals. This has been a common issue among many users, especially for those using wireless connection. The PS5 controller basically works Wireless (Bluetooth) and Wired (USB) cable. The problem’s consistency may depend on either your Controller or Software issues. Here are some of the ways to identify and hopefully solve this issue.

PS5 controller

Identification of the Disconnecting issue with the PS5 controllers:

Before we get into trying out different fixes, we need to identify the possible causes. This can potentially help save time and backtrack the cause to avoid repeating these mistakes. Here are some of the things to look out for:

  • The PS5 has a lithium-ion battery which could potentially have it’s internal capacity or usability ruined if Overcharged. Therefore, one must be careful about how much they are charging and avoiding third party chargers.
  • Make sure your are within the recommended range of the console (around 10-20ft; it is possible to get more than 50ft range under certain conditions). Make sure nothing is getting in between your controller and console, this may disrupt the connection. Also move away any other wireless devices like a Bluetooth speaker near the console and controller.
  • Check for any physical damage to the controller incase it had been dropped recently. If the fixes below do not work, the only option is to either get it checked at a repair store or avail a new controller.

Potential Fixes for the issue:

  • Disconnect the controller by non-pairing it and re-establish the connection:
    Go to Settings-> Accessories -> General -> Bluetooth Accessories -> Press X and Delete on your PS5 controller
    Connect the Controller to the Console using a USB cable and press the Play Station Button to re-establish the connection.
  • Reset the controller:
    For this you will need a toothpick or something similar. Stick in the toothpick into the hole behind the controller, right next to the SONY logo and hold for about 5 seconds. This will disconnect and turn off the controller. Connect the controller to the console using a USB cable like the previous fix and it should start working again.

    PS5 Controller reset
    PS5 Controller reset
  • Reset Console Cache:
    Turn off your PS5 from the menu options or holding the power button on the console. Unplug the power cable for about a minute or two. Turn on the Console after, this will reset the Console Cache.
  • Use a USB cable if wireless is causing issues:
    Go to Settings-> Accessories -> Controllers -> Communication Method -> Choose “Use USB Cable”.
    It could also be a firmware or driver update issue, therefore you will have to rely on a wired connection till then.
    If you have further issues with even the wired connection, check the wire and try it with another cable. If the problem still persists, it might be an issue with the controller.




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