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How to Fix Red Dead Redemption [Rdr] 2 Not Going Full Screen Issue

Red Dead Redemption 2 is unarguably a fantastic action video game published by Rockstar Games. Being one of the best out there doesn’t imply that the game wouldn’t develop some faults sometimes. Many gamers have complained that the game is not going into full-screen mode thereby restricting them from enjoying the game to the fullest. This is why it has become necessary, we discuss how to fix Red Dead Redemption 2 not going full-screen issue, in this article.

How to Fix Red Dead Redemption [Rdr] 2 Not Going Full Screen Issue
How to Fix Red Dead Redemption [Rdr] 2 Not Going Full Screen Issue
RDR 2 is a great game not minding the issues. However, most of these issues can be fixed by the player itself, and the game not going full-screen issue falls under the same category. Let’s walk you through the possible fixes.

How to Fix Red Dead Redemption [Rdr] 2 Not Going Full Screen Issue

We have come up with possible fixes for the RDR2 not going full-screen issue. However, before trying any of them, you must make sure that you have configured the resolution of the game according to the resolution of your monitor for the best results. Even after this, if the game fails to go into full-screen mode, follow the given steps.

Step 1) Run an Update On Your Windows And Graphics Drivers

Make sure you carry out an update on your Windows as this is very crucial in fixing this error. You should update Windows by clicking the Check for updates option under Settings > Windows Update. After that, download and apply all pending updates.

Also, you should ensure that your graphic drivers are updated. Follow the given steps.

1) Head to Device Manager and under Display Adapters, right-click on the external GPU. Here, select the Update drivers option to update your GPU Drivers. You can also uninstall your drivers via the Uninstall Driver option and then restart your PC to fix this error.

2) You can also visit the official website of your GPU manufacturer to download the latest graphics drivers. Run the installer after downloading, and install the latest drivers.

Once the Windows and Graphics drivers are up to date, launch the game to confirm if the issue is fixed.  If the problem persists, try the next step.

Step 2) Run an Update on Your Rockstar Games Launcher

The game not going full screen might be a result of the fact that the Rockstar Games Launcher is not up to date. Well, to fix this, restart the launcher and allow it to download the most recent updates. When that is done, relaunch the RockStar Games Launcher to confirm if the issue was fixed.

Step 3) Run the Game as an Administrator  

To run Red Dead Redemption 2 as an administrator, follow these steps;

1) The first step is, to start the Rockstar Games Launcher.

2) Then, from the My installed games section, click on Red Dead Redemption 2.

3) Choose Open under View Installation Folder to access the game’s installation location on your PC’s storage.

4) Then, find the .exe file of the game and right-click on it. After this, go to the Compatibility tab and check the Run this program as Administrator option. Also, disable full-screen optimization.

5) Lastly, click on Apply and Ok to save the changes made.

The next thing to do is to launch the game to confirm if the issue is resolved. If not, follow the next step

Step 4) Verify Integrity of the Game Files via Rockstar Client

If the problem still persists after diligently following the steps above, there is a possibility that the issue is as a result of the game files being corrupted. You can verify the integrity of your game file using these steps.

1) Go to the Rockstar Games Launcher application.

2) Then, select Settings from the drop-down menu that appears in the GUI’s top-right corner.

3) From the “My installed games” section, select Read Dead Redemption 2.

4) The next step is to click on the Verify Integrity button which will verify and fix the game files.

Immediately after this is done, relaunch the game and confirm if the problem is fixed.

Step 5) Clear Your Settings Folder

You will probably still face the issue if the game’s Setting folder has broken files in it. You should try clearing the settings folder with the following steps.

1) Start by using Task Manager to end Rockstar Game Launcher and all the related processes.

2) Next, click on the Windows logo and E key to open File Explorer.

3) Navigate to Documents and click on the Rockstar Games folder.

4) Now, go to the Settings folder and delete it.

5) Lastly, launch the game to confirm if the problem is resolved.

This is how you can fix the Red Dead Redemption 2 not going full screen issue. Stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates, and kindly share this article with everyone.


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