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How to fix Rpcs3 not showing vulkan issue?

RPCS3 makes use of the Vulkan API to run games smoothly on a system. However, players who have been using this emulator reported that they are unable to select Vulkan on their Renderer option as the emulator is not showing it. Well, is there a fix to this? Luckily, there is and we have featured all the details about it, in this article. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details.

Well, in RPCS3, you will get two options for choosing your Renderer. One is OpenGL and the other is Vulkan. But, what’s the difference? Vulkan is a fast renderer that can improve your game’s performance when in use, however, OpenGL is more accurate. So, it basically boils down to the fact what you need- Improved performance or Accurate visuals. Since PS3 games are not quite visually attractive, most players choose Vulkan in the hopes of getting good performance. But, they are facing an issue with the emulator where the Vulkan option is not shown in the Renderer option. If you are facing the same issue, then continue reading since we have got the perfect solution.


How to fix Rpcs3 not showing Vulkan issue?

Fixing the Vulkan not showing issue on RPCS3 is quite an easy task. All you need to do is follow the given steps below and you’re good to go.

1) First of all, go to the Search menu and type “advanced”. The “View advanced system settings” option will come up in the search results. Click on it.

2) Next, under the Advanced tab, click on the Environment Variables option.

3) After this, under the System Variables section, click on the New option. Now, enter the following-

Variable Value– 1

4) Click on Ok.

Now, the fix has been implemented. To check, open RPCS3 and head to the Configuration tab. Select the Renderer option and you will see the Vulkan option available for you to choose. This issue is quite common among players who are using a dedicated Nvidia GPU while having an Integrated AMD GPU. By using the above fix, you can get rid of this issue for good. However, if the solution fails, you can consider updating your GPU drivers to the latest version or uninstalling the RPCS3 application completely and reinstalling it.

So, now you know how to fix the RPCS3 not showing Vulkan issue. For more such useful guides, make sure to follow Vabsaga.


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