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How to Fix Rumbleverse Network Failure Error?

Rumbleverse is a great melee action game loved by an increasing number of fans and players. Like every video game, the game has its own fair share of flaws and errors that players inevitably run into. Developers are always on their toes trying to ensure 24/7 smooth gameplay, but these errors do occur nevertheless. Fortunately, most of these issues like the network failure error can be fixed by the player only, and in the course of this article, we will break down how to fix the Rumbleverse network failure error.

How to Fix Rumbleverse Network Failure Error?
How to Fix Rumbleverse Network Failure Error?

Network failure error usually occurs when your game or gaming device loses the ability to connect to the internet. Rumbleverse players in gaming communities have complained about experiencing network failure errors more frequently than usual.

How to Fix Rumbleverse Network Failure Error?

It is important you know the steps to take should you encounter the error too. Here they are:

Step 1) Check Internet Connection

Typically, a slow network or unstable network connection will lead to a network failure error. Check your internet connection with other apps, or get closer to your Wi-Fi source. If your internet connection is not the problem, try out the next step.

Step 2) Confirm Server Status of the game

It will be prudent to check the game server status as this could be the likely culprit. If there is a server downtime which is usually temporary due to maintenance, there is little that can be done except waiting patiently. If the servers are running fine, try the next step.

Step 3) Restart the Game/System

Restarting the game will likely resolve the issue but if it persists, we suggest you restart the entire system as this will overwrite whatever error led to the network failure error. You can simply restart the game through the regular method, or abruptly unplug everything from the electric power source.

Step 4) Use a Different ISP/Network/ VPN

Try connecting to a different ISP or Wi-Fi. You can as well launch your VPN and use your mobile data. If the issue gets fixed, you will then confirm the issue was from the previous network source.

Step 5) Verify Game Files

Sometimes such issues can be caused from an outdated game file/files. To confirm that the network error in Rumbleverse is not as a result of outdated files, simply go to the Epic Games launcher and verify the game files. Allow the scan to run and check for errors, and try launching the game again.

Step 6) Allow App through Windows Firewall

To do this, follow these steps:

1) Navigate to the Windows search bar and type “Firewall”, then select the “Allow app through Windows Firewall” option.

2) Next, click on “Change settings” and check the list of apps allowed through the firewall.

3) Add the game’s .exe file by clicking on “Allow another app” and heading to the game directory. After doing so, launch the game.

Step 7) Whitelist Anti-cheat in Windows Defender

1) To do this, launch Windows Defender.

2) Now, select the Virus and Threat Protection option.

3) Then select Manage settings. Now, scroll down and find the Add or Remove Exclusions option under the Exclusions heading.

4) Select it and click on the File option and then head to the directory where the Anti-cheat engine is located. Simply select the .exe file and it will be whitelisted.

Step 8) Uninstall and Reinstall

Before getting to this point, the issue must have been rectified but if it hasn’t, you will have to take the desperate step of uninstalling and reinstalling the game. This should certainly fix the issue.

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