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How to Fix Stray Game Controller or Gamepad Not Working Issue

Stray is an adventure video game played from a third-person perspective about a stray cat. The game was developed by Blue Twelve Studio and published by an American video game publisher; Annapurna Interactive. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the Controller or Gamepad not working issue faced by players of the game, Stray. As stated earlier, the game is about a stray cat that is on a mission to return to its world after being in a mysterious place filled with robots and machines.

How to Fix Stray Game Controller or Gamepad Not Working Issue
How to Fix Stray Game Controller or Gamepad Not Working Issue

Well, apart from having a fun time playing the game, players are experiencing the annoying controller/gamepad not working issue which is hindering their smooth experience. So, we have featured some fixes to get rid of this issue.

How to Fix Stray Game Controller or Gamepad Not Working Issue

The recently released single-player game received mainly positive reviews. It was praised for its engrossing storyline and described as one of the best games released in 2022. Although there’ve been really good reviews of this game, it also features a bunch of errors. Likewise, one such error is the Game Controller or Gamepad Not Working issue. So, let’s look at how to fix it for good-

Step 1) Start the game over

Restarting the game will likely fix the issue if it is a result of a bad login session.

Step 2) Restart your PC

Restart your PC so as to clear all errors possibly encountered in the course of launching the game.

Step 3) Disconnect and Reconnect the Controller

Launch the game, disconnect the controller, and reconnect, then resume playing it to see if the issue is gone. Also, unplug all the external USB devices like Joysticks, keyboard mouse, wheels, or even Razer Tartarus.

Step 4) Configure your controller via Steam

Here’s how to do so:

1) Go to Steam.

2) Click on Steam settings on the top.

3) Go to Controller Settings.

4) Click on the General Controller Settings tab. If you are making use of the PlayStation controller, check on the PlayStation configuration support. If you are using an Xbox controller, do the same on the Xbox configuration box.

5) Launch the game.

Step 5) Disable or enable Steam Input

1) Launch Steam and head into the Library. Now, right-click on the game.

2) Select Properties.

3) Click on the Controller Tab.

4) Select the Disable Steam Input option and check if the error persists. You can re-enable Steam Input to check if the error is fixed.

Step 6) Launch Steam in Big Picture mode

1) Click on the Big Picture option found inside the View menu of the Steam Client.

2) Now, go to Library.

3) Click on the Stray game.

4) Click on the Play option.

Step 7) Set Controller options of the game to On

1) Launch the Steam client and then, go to Library.

2) Right-click on the Stray game and click on Properties.

3) Click on Manage Game.

4) After this, click on the Controller Option.

5) Select Forced On.

6) Click on Ok.

7) Launch the game.

If the problem persists, go to the Controller Option again, and select forced off, and launch the game.

Step 8) Use a wired controller

For some reason, wired controllers have fewer issues than wireless ones. Try using a wired controller to play the game for testing if the issue persists.

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