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How to Fix Valorant Keeps Minimizing Issue

Valorant fans have nothing but applause for the game so far and rightly so, as the game has awesome graphics, mechanics, and so much more. However, like almost every other video game out there, Valorant has its own issues. Riot Games usually work on the game constantly to get rid of such, but many players still encounter them nevertheless. One such issue is the game minimizing by itself while it is running, and in this article, we will walk you through how to fix Valorant keeps minimizing issue. Read on for more details.

How to Fix Valorant Keeps Minimizing Issue
How to Fix Valorant Keeps Minimizing Issue

Many players have raised complaints about the issue, with some saying the game minimizes when the Alt+ Tab keys were pressed by an unseen hand, while others say the game minimizes when the Esc key was pressed. This has left many players wondering if the issue is from the game, or from PC as the game is only available for Microsoft Windows. We will look at these shortly, but whatever reason the game minimizes while in play, we will discuss how to fix it right away.

How to Fix Valorant Keeps Minimizing Issue

There are many reasons Valorant could minimize while the game is in play. Let’s mention them and explain how they can be avoided.

1) Incoming Notification

If your PC is connected to the internet, notifications coming in from social media apps, emails, and the likes can cause the game to minimize suddenly. In some instances, it won’t go back to the full screen except if you manually do so. The obvious way to stop this is by blocking incoming notifications while playing the game. You can always reply to emails and IG messages later.

2) Other Launching Apps

Some apps on your PC could be set to launch unannounced. The antivirus software for instance could pop up with an alert while Valorant is running. Perhaps temporarily disabling the antivirus software for the duration of the game will solve this, although it is not highly recommended as you risk getting a virus infestation on your PC.

3) Background Apps

Apps running in the background can also make the game minimize by itself as well. Let’s say you are downloading movies in the background while playing Valorant, you will likely get notifications from the browser or downloader app whenever each movie completes downloading. The best way to avoid this is to close background apps before launching the game.

4) Uninstall RGB Fusion

As cool as the software is, many players complaining about the sudden minimizing issue in Valorant attribute it to RGB Fusion starting. So, temporarily stop the software for the duration of the game or maybe uninstall it.

5) Full-screen Windowed Mode

Playing the game in fullscreen windowed mode has been recommended by players who encountered the issue. So, it is definitely worth a try.

Hope this helped resolved the issue. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates. Have fun!


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