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How to fix Xbox App Login Error 0x87DD0005 with message we couldn’t sign you in to Xbox Live

There are often times when Xbox live services stop working after some time and the causes are mostly the corrupt drivers or an unexpected shutdown of PC that manifests these problems. The renowned gaming platform Xbox Live lets you download and play many PC games on your Windows 11 as well as cloud gaming. If for some reason you’re having trouble signing in to your account and the app is repeatedly giving you a 0x87DD0005 error when signing into your account, then you’re not the only one as many people are having trouble signing in to their account. Read on more to know how you can fix the 0x87DD0005 app login error in your Windows 10 or 11.

Xbox App Login Error 0x87DD0005

How to fix 0x87DD0005 app log-in error in Xbox Live!

Switch Accounts

Sometimes when you’re unable to log in to the Xbox Live service, you can try to switch accounts to see if there’s no issue with the app itself and you’re able to login with different credentials. If the issue still persists, then you can also try to restart the PC and check again to see if you’re able to log in easily, if not keep reading the article.

Repair or reset the Xbox app and store

The Xbox Live app fetching you 0x87DD0005 error might be because of corrupt files, mainly because of viruses or unexpected shutdown, and requires repairing the app. Follow the necessary steps.

  • Go to the start menu and click on Settings
  • Go to Apps and click on Apps and Features.
  • In the search box, type Xbox and you’ll see the app, simply click on the app and it’ll show you advanced options.
  • Scroll down until you see the repair option underneath the reset tab. Click on repair and let it finish.

You can click on the “Reset” option just below the repair and try again. You can also do this with Microsoft Store with the abovementioned steps.

Run the troubleshooter

If you’re still unable to log in, you can run the troubleshooter in the Settings. To do so,

  • click on the System option in the Settings menu and click on Troubleshooter and click on other troubleshooter.
  • Scroll down until you see Windows Store Apps and click on it and run the app.

Once the troubleshooting is complete, restart the PC and log in again.

Xbox App Login Error 0x87DD0005

Login on the same account in Microsoft Store and Xbox app

Sometimes when you’re logged into Microsoft Store and Xbox app using a different account, the 0x87DD0005 issue comes up, so make sure you’re logged in using the same account in Microsoft Store and Xbox app.

Incorrect timezone

Sometimes the app fails to login and fetches a 0x87DD0005 error is simply because of an incorrect timezone set in your PC, so make sure it is set to your region. To change it, click on date and time on the far lower right side of the screen. Click on “Change date and time settings” and make sure you’ve enabled “Set time automatically” in Windows 10.





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