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How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Wifi Issue

The Xbox Series X like every piece of tech has its own faults, and although its manufacturers and software team work tirelessly to avoid such issues, users do encounter them from time to time. One such issue is the Xbox Series X console not connecting to the Wi-Fi, and this issue, in particular, can be very frustrating for users as an internet connection is required to play many cool multiplayer games. That is why in this article, we will walk you through how to fix Xbox Series X not connecting to Wifi issue.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Wifi Issue
How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Wifi Issue

The Xbox Series X is an awesome console, competing with the PS5 console. Both the X and S consoles were released at the same time in 2020 and have been adopted as the default console by many gamers. Users have come up with possible fixes for some of the issues they encounter in the console and the Xbox customer support has offered solutions as well. Most of these like the Xbox not loading and the wifi connection issue discussed here can be fixed by the user. Let’s show you how.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Wifi Issue

There are several reasons this issue could occur, and we will discuss the solutions alongside the probable reasons. Here there are.

1) Check Xbox Service Status

Before you dive into troubleshooting mode, it might happen the problem isn’t from your router or console. The first thing to check is the service status of Xbox to confirm if the Xbox servers are down. This rarely happens and does not last long as it is usually for scheduled maintenance. Simply check the website and social media handles to get the required info. However, if the servers are running, check the next step.

2) Check if the Router works for Other Devices

To eliminate the chance that the issue is from the Wi-Fi Router, try connecting another device to the router. If it works without any hindrance, then the issue could be from the console. Also, check if the router is limited to a number of devices, as exceeding that number will result in a loss of connection.

3) Reduce Distance between Router and Xbox Console

If the distance between your router and the console is too wide, it could lead to an unstable or outright non-connection. Many users suggest the distance between router and console should not exceed 15 meters, although this boils down to how strong your Wi-Fi router is.

4) Remove Wi-Fi Disruptors

Devices and physical barriers like microwave ovens, and thick walls could act as disruptors, especially in an industrial area. Turn them off for a moment to confirm they are not disrupting connectivity. If they are not disrupting, try the next step.

5) Reboot Both Console and Router

Rebooting devices fixes a lot of glitches and is widely accepted as a basic troubleshooting move. Unplug the router and console from the power source, wait for about 30 seconds and plug them back to boot.

6) Plug Console Directly to Router

In other words, switch from wireless mode to direct connection. This connection is more stable than the wireless option.

7) DNS and Manual Port Selection

Here’s how to go about this.

1) First, go to Network Settings of your Xbox console and then navigate to Advanced Settings.

2) Now scroll to DNS, click it open, and set it to Manual.

3) On the Primary IPv4 DNS that pops up, input, then input for the secondary.

4) If these do not work, try for the primary, and for the secondary.

5) You can also go to Alternate Port Selection and select Manual, then try each of the port sequences to find a set that resolves the issue.

8) Reset Xbox Console

Relax, this can be done without clearing game data. Here’s how.

1) First, press the Xbox button to open the console guide, then select Profile & System

2) Then navigate to Settings, then System, and then click open Console Info.

3) Now, select Reset Console and make sure you select the ‘Keep Games and Apps’ option.

4) This will require you to sign in to your Microsoft account again when you are done.

If the issue persists up to this point, contact Xbox customer support. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates.


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