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How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Xbox Live?

As much as your Xbox Series X can be used offline, it is much more fun when it’s connected to Xbox Live. In this article, we will be looking at how to fix Xbox Series X not connecting to Xbox Live issue. Before we go right into the fixes, let’s look at the reasons why Xbox Series X won’t connect to Xbox Live.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Xbox Live?
How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Xbox Live?

You should know that there are a whole lot of reasons you encounter a connection failure between your Xbox Series X and Xbox Live. It might be as a result of:

1) Poor internet connection.

2) Xbox Live Server is unresponsive.

3) ISP service problems.

4) Software develops a fault with the  Xbox Console.

5) When the hardware develops fault with the Xbox Console.

6) When the Xbox is outdated.

How to Fix Xbox Series X Not Connecting To Xbox Live?

Most times, the issue of Xbox not connecting to Xbox Live can be resolved by the user. To do that, kindly follow these steps.

Step 1) Evaluate The Xbox Live Server’s Operation

Since Xbox Live is an online service, it is inevitable to experience server issues. Sometimes, it could be that the developers are running a maintenance check on the servers which would require you to just chill till everything is done. However, if you discover that there is no issue with the server, follow the next step. You can check the server status from here.

Step 2) Troubleshoot your Internet Connection

For those using a Wi-Fi router to connect your Xbox to the internet, do well to ensure that your Wi-Fi is functioning optimally. You can achieve this by resetting the Wi-Fi router. In most cases, if another person is connected to your Wi-Fi, it slows down the internet connection. Ensure that you try to keep the number of connections to a minimum. The Xbox would be able to make use of the internet to its full potential this way. For players using Ethernet cable, ensure that your wires are not faulty. You should run a cable check to scan for any sort of damage or anomaly.

Step 3) Ensure your Xbox is updated

When the connection problem persists, confirm that your Xbox is updated and follow these steps to do so.

1) Start by pressing the Xbox button and the guide will launch.

2) Next, choose your Profile and click on Settings.

3) Now, navigate to the System menu and click on Updates and Downloads.

4) Then select Update Console.

This automatically updates the console if there are available updates.

Step 4) Turn off your console and turn it on

To turn off your console, just simply press and hold the power button for a couple of seconds. To turn it on, simply press/hold the power button of the console again.

Step 5) Remove your Xbox account and then add it again

The method is advisable when your console is refusing to connect to Xbox Live. To do this, follow these steps.

1) First, press the Xbox button and choose the Profile tab from the guide.

2) Navigate to Settings and choose the Account option.

3) Select Remove Accounts and select the account you intend to delete.

4) Now, click on Remove again to confirm the deletion.

5) After this, head to the Profile section and Select Add new from the add menu.

6) Then, enter your username and password to gain access to your Xbox account.

Step 6) Contact Xbox Support

If you’ve tried out the above steps all to no avail, contact Xbox customer support. You can reach them via phone calls, text, or a virtual agent.

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