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How to fix Xbox wireless controller driver error on Windows 11

Playing games via your standard keyboard mouse setup on a PC is quite a satisfying experience for the most part. However, there are many players are like to play PC games using controllers and the Xbox controller becomes the primary choice of gamers since it is from Microsoft itself. Well, this doesn’t mean that the connectivity between PC and Xbox controller is flawless, since there are many cases of players facing Xbox wireless controller driver error on Windows 11, thereby hindering their smooth experience. Are you facing the same issue? Then, consider reading this article to know more about how to get rid of it for good. Here’s everything you need to know.

Well, there can be many reasons as to why this error occurs on your PC having the latest Windows 11 OS. But, irrespective of the causes, our provided workarounds can fix the issue within a matter of seconds if you follow each step carefully. So, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the details.


How to fix Xbox wireless controller driver error on Windows 11

1) Turn on Bluetooth

This is the most obvious reason why the Xbox wireless controller isn’t working on your Windows 11 PC. Although many players overlook this step, you must make sure that your Bluetooth settings are turned on for the controller to connect to your PC.

2) Update Xbox Controller Drivers

For these steps, you will have to head over to the Device Manager section and then select the Bluetooth option. Now, find the Xbox Wireless Controller option and then right-click on it. After this, select the Update driver option. Next, hit the “Search Automatically for Drivers” option and then wait till your drivers get updated. Now, the error should be fixed.

3) Rollback to default drivers

Follow the mentioned steps in Method 2, but this time, instead of selecting the Update Driver option, select the Properties option after right-clicking on Xbox Wireless Controller. Next, select the Roll Back Driver option if that’s available. If not, click on the Uninstall Driver option and then restart your PC. Once the restart is done, the error should be fixed.

4) Update Windows 11

The last thing you can try to fix the Xbox Wireless Controller driver error on your PC is to update Windows 11 to the latest version. Head to the Windows Update section in the Control Panel and click on the Check for updates option to start installing the latest Windows 11 update, if available.

So, these were some of the effective workarounds for you to try when fixing the Xbox Wireless Controller Driver error on Windows 11. For more such guides, don’t forget to visit Vabsaga daily.


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