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How to Game Share on PS5 with friends

Console gaming has evolved to newer heights where players no longer need to own physical copies of the game and can share with any of their friends easily. The gameshare feature that was first seen in the PS4 era, has been simplified and made even better in Sony’s newer generation console Playstation 5. Unlike the previous gen, you can freely download and share the entire library of your owned digital games with your friends or family, provided they’re using the same console. It is one of the best ways to experience the games that you’ve missed out on playing digital games that your friend or family owns on their console. The exciting part about this feature “Console Sharing and Offline Play” is that it doesn’t require the other party’s PS5 to be online to do so and will offer you access to the entire library. Read on more about the Game Share feature and how you can enable it on your PS5?

Game sharing on PS5

How to set up the game pass on PS5!

Sharing your entire library of digital games from you or your friend’s one to each other is quite simple and just requires a few steps to do so. Apart from sharing digital games, you can also share PlayStation plus subscriptions as well. Here’s how you can enable game share on your PlayStation 5.

  • Head to your home screen and then hop on to “Settings”.
  • Under the “Settings” menu, select “Users and Account”
  • Go to “Other” and then select “Console Sharing and Offline Play”
  • A prompt screen will appear asking for your confirmation on whether you want the feature enabled or not.
  • Click on Enable or Activate option to activate it.

Keep in mind that for this feature to work, you have to log in to your account in your friend’s PS5, or your friend’s account has to be logged in to your PS5. Similar to how the Playstation 4’s feature work by selecting the primary.

Game sharing on PS5

On your home screen, head to the game library and go to “Your Collection”. If you’re on your Friend’s PS5, you need to download games from your account to their console. Press the PS button and head to the profile icon and select “Switch Account” and select the other account and log in. Now you’ll be able to play any game that is downloaded. If you’re going to use this feature, make sure that your account is password protected to prevent any misuse.




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