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How to get All 3 Fishing Rods in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl

Fishing Rods are featured in the Pokémon series so that the player may capture water Pokémon everywhere there is open water. Throughout their voyage in Sinnoh in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, players will have access to three distinct Fishing Rods: the Old, Good, and Super Rods. Players would need to talk to fishermen after completing a certain criteria to obtain these rods. These fishermen will be located in various places around the map. The rods have gone through various changes over each generation till date. Sometimes it may result in catching items instead of Pokémon.

Trainers must get a fishing rod in order to fish, which cannot be purchased and must instead be given away by three NPC fisherman. The Old Rod is the earliest of these rods that trainers may discover. The Old Rod is the weakest of the three rods available, but it may summon Magikarp for trainers when used with the primary Pokémon. The Good Rod typically enables higher level and rarity Pokémon to be encountered than the Old Rod, while the Super Rod normally allows higher level and rarity Pokémon to be encountered than the Good Rod. [This is also location dependent].

Fishing Rod
Fishing in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Acquiring the fishing rods:

  1. Players can engage with an NPC fisherman before heading to Route 218. To get Old Rod, trainers should speak with him and pick the option “Yes.” This is the weakest of the three rods.
  2. The Good Rod is located to the east of Hearthome City. Once you leave the main city and reach Route 209, another Fisherman NPC should appear along your way.
  3. For the Super rod, upon winning the Champion of Sinnoh and receiving the National Pokédex, you must travel all the way to the Battle Resort and speak with a Fisherman near the Route 225 entrance.

Trainers should use the X button to bring up the main menu, then toggle to the yellow square labelled Bag and pick it with the A button to equip the Rod. Trainers should choose the Key-shaped symbol from the items menu and then scroll down to find the Rod. Trainers may pick “Use this item” to pull the rod out while facing a stretch of water or “Register” to add it to their fast select menu by pressing A. To pick the Rod from the quick-select menu, hit the “+” button to bring up all registered objects, then toggle to the Rod’s direction.


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