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How to get Thunderstone in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl?

Evolution is one of the most fundamental concepts in the Pokémon franchise. This may be through leveling up, trading or utilizing one of the few evolution stones on specific Pokémon. Evolution allows a Pokémon to acquire a certain set of new skills, along with additional base stats. Some may even acquire new types of elements, which could prove to either make or break your team.

There are only ten known evolutionary stones in the Pokémon franchise, each with its own unique elemental power to evolve certain Pokémon. The Thunder Stone is one of them. It is an evolution stone that allows certain electric Pokémon to evolve when carried or combined with it.


While Magnezone may be evolved with the unusual magnetic field at Mt Coronet in Diamond and Shining Pearl, it appears that you can also utilize the Thunder Stone to do the same as in subsequent games. Eevee and Pikachu are the only other Pokémon that can attain evolution using the thunder stone. Consequently, despite the fact that there is a lot of competition for its utilization, there is only a single Thunder Stone in the base overworld.

Where to find the thunder stone?

  • On the overworld Players will have to at least get to the 8th Gym in the game. The Thunder Stone can be found on the right side of Sunyshore City, behind the lighthouse. It is evident to be found in this city since the gym is centered around lightning types, under Volkner. Instead of heading to the front of the lighthouse, follow the elevated bridges to the right to discover the item Pokeball at the bottom of a lengthy staircase.
Thunder stone behind lighthouse
Thunder stone behind lighthouse
  • You will be able to discover another on Route 229, just north of the Resort Area after defeating the Elite Four.
  • More Thunder Stones, like the other elemental stones, may be obtained by digging out the bulging walls found in the Grand Underground. This will be a very time consuming process if you are not lucky. It may be require a lot of attempts but will eventually get you a thunderstone.

To access the Grand Underground, you must first reach Eterna City. Once in Eterna City, go to the right of the Pokemon Center and look for the home with the blue entrance and yellow roof. The name of the establishment is “Underground Man’s House,” according to the sign outside.

Eterna city House with gold roof
Eterna city House with gold roof

Talk to the man in the house and he will provide you with the explorer kit. With this you are set to explore the Grand underground for evolution stones and many more things.



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