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How to get & use z power in Dragon Ball Legends (2022)

In Dragon Ball Legends, the terms, features, perks, names of characters, powers, and much other stuff associated with the game may considerably get confusing for both newbies and veterans of the game. We will do our best to break them down for everyone to understand in detail. Our focus in this article will be Z Powers. We will discuss how to get & use Z powers in Dragon Ball Legends.

How to get & use z power in Dragon Ball Legends (2022)
How to get & use z power in Dragon Ball Legends (2022)

There is no straight answer as to what Z Power is in the game as it is mostly defined as per its use, depending on what the player uses it for.  For the sake of context, we will merge how to get Z Power and how to use them efficiently. So, what is Z Power? Here are some explanations of it.

How to Get & Use Z Power in Dragon Ball Legends (2022)

Z Power is basically a collectible item. When you get or collect 100 of these, your character will earn a star. 200 of these will get your character 2 stars and so on. It should be noted that Z Power climbs by 100 after a limit break. After the initial 100, Z Power sorts of unlocks the character and makes it instantly ready for battle, and every Z Power got after that limit breaks your character, making it stronger. Z Power is also the building block of a character in DBL. When it gets to a hundred, you get the character made available. Here are ways you can get them.

Dual Shop Coins

The most popular way to get Z power is from the Co-op with Dual shop coins. Collect as many dual coins as you can per day, then Go to the exchange shop and exchange them for multiple Z Power 100 or 50. If you can get enough dual coins over time, you might just be able to get 600 Z Power from the exchange.

Exchange Medal Shop

Also, you can get Z Power from the Exchange Medal Shop. 7 SP Medals can get you 100 Z Power for any character. You can get 1 medal each day upon completing your daily mission, so that gets you 30 medals per month. However, you can bump this up by using the Happy Weekend Banner to exchange 100 crystals for an SP coin. This works on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Guild Coins

You can also get Z power by getting guild coins. All you have to do is join a guild and play the game. This method is frustratingly slow but it works.

Monthly Events

Z power can also be earned through monthly events but this will barely be enough as these events hold once a month. However, adding this to your accumulated Z Power will go a long way.

In DBL, Z Power is gotten from summons not from characters as one would presume. The best way to get an understanding of them all is by playing the game and learning as you progress. That feels as exciting as it sounds, especially when the regular updates introduced over time are considered.

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