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How to Increase Merit in PUBG (2022)

Merit in PUBG is basically a scale that is used in PUBG Mobile to make sure that players behave properly in the game and don’t jeopardize their teammates. You can gain or lose them for lots of reasons. If you get reported by a teammate after killing them, for instance, you will definitely lose some merit. In the course of this article, we will show you how to increase merit in PUBG (2022).

How to Increase Merit in PUBG (2022)
How to Increase Merit in PUBG (2022)

Let’s state from the onset that the merit scale is exclusive to PUBG Mobile. You can gain merits just as easily as you can lose them, though you should try to be on the gaining side. Let’s now get to how you can increase merit.

How to Increase Merit in PUBG (2022)

Players get up to 100 merit points in PUBG Mobile and these can be lost, maintained, and can be regained. Killing a teammate for instance reduces merit points by 20 for the first offense and 30 for the second whereas a total of 60 Merit Points are reduced from the third offense onwards. Well, you must have seen the numerous memes on this. There are different punishments or number of merit point losses depending on the offense commited by the players. However, losing merit points as bad as it sounds is not finality, as you can increase them too. Here are ways you can increase them.

1) Play More Solo Matches

In PUBG Mobile, you will be restricted from the multiplayer mode if your merit points are less than 60. This leaves you with no option but to accumulate merit points over time while playing solo matches. You will obviously not get all merit points in one game, so you will have to stick to solo matches for the time being. Perhaps this will help you be more careful in future multiplayer or squad matches.

2) Play Classic Squad Matches

After playing solo matches, you can increase your merit points to 60 or more. But, you still need to increase it further to be on the safe side. You can do this by playing matches in the squad and try not to harm your teammates.

3) Finish Each Match in Great Form

Remember, the maximum number of merits in the game is 100, and you get points based on how you finish each match. For example, you get +3 points for finishing in the top 10. Keep a tab on your merit points by checking your profile.

That is how you can increase Merit in PUBG. Kindly share this article with friends, and stay in touch with Vabsaga for more updates. Have a great time.


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