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How to install cryoutilities on Steam Deck

If you’re an avid Steam Deck player, you may be looking for ways to enhance its performance and improve your gaming experience. Cryoutilities is a plugin designed specifically for the Steam Deck that aims to do just that by modifying the device’s swap file. Therefore, we’ll guide you through the process of installing Cryoutilities on your Steam Deck in just a few simple steps. However, keep in mind that Cryoutilities is a third-party plugin, so use it at your own risk.

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How to install cryoutilities on Steam Deck

1) To begin, access the power menu on your Steam Deck by pressing and holding the power button. From there, scroll down to the option to switch to desktop mode and select it by pressing the A button. This will allow you to access Steam Deck’s desktop environment, which is necessary for installing Cryoutilities.

2) The next step is to download Cryoutilities from here. Once you’ve accessed the page, click on the green “Code” button and select “Download ZIP” from the dropdown menu. Once the download is complete, extract the contents of the ZIP file to a location of your choice.

3) Next, locate the application inside the folder, and drag it to your desktop. This will create a shortcut icon that you can use to launch the Cryoutilities application.

4) To launch Cryoutilities, simply double-click on the shortcut icon that you created in the previous step. This will open the application and allow you to configure its settings to optimize the performance of your Steam Deck.

5) Once you’ve launched Cryoutilities, you’ll see a simple user interface with several options for configuring the plugin. The first option is “Apply cryo tweaks,” which you should select to optimize your Steam Deck’s performance. Additionally, you can choose to enable or disable Cryoutilities at startup, adjust the size of the swap file, and set a maximum RAM usage limit for your system.

6) After you’ve configured Cryoutilities to your liking, be sure to click the “Save and Exit” button to apply your changes. This will ensure that Cryoutilities is active the next time you use your Steam Deck for gaming.

By following these steps, you can install and configure Cryoutilities on your Steam Deck. We hope you found this guide helpful. For more such interesting content, make sure to keep visiting Vabsaga.


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