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How to install & use Apple Music on PS5?

Sony’s fifth-generation gaming console Playstation 5 is officially getting Apple music streaming service “Apple Music”. Apart from playing various exclusive games, users also will be able to enjoy listening to music. very similar to what Spotify is offering to both PlayStation and Xbox. Taking the immersion to the next level, players will be able to simultaneously play music while enjoying their favorite game. Whether it be slashing demons stylishly while listening to heavy metal music on Devil May Cry or enjoying brutal boss fights in Demon Souls. However, no official information about Apple’s music streaming service is disclosed currently on when it will be available.

Japanese tech giant Sony revealed the integration of Apple Music on Playstation 5 through a blog post. Players will be able to stream a maximum number of 90 million songs, watch 4K videos, and Apple music radio via the Apple music app. This service will be available to players on both disc and digital editions of Sony’s next-gen consoles. Read on more to know more about Apple’s infamous music streaming service and what else has been planned for PS5.

Apple music on PS5

How to set up Apple Music on Playstation 5

Setting up Apple Music on PS5 is relatively easy and shouldn’t be very difficult, just follow the necessary steps below

  • Select “All Apps” from the media home
  • Navigate to the list until you find Apple Music and select Download
  • Launch Apple Music
  • Sign Up or Log in by filing the necessary details
  • Follow the prompts to finalize the installation

That’s it, Apple Music is installed and now you’ll be able to play your favorite song while enjoying your favorite game.

How to listen to songs

When it comes to listening to Apple music in PS5, users have two choices. Either they can launch the app itself and stream music directly from there, or you can play it from the background when playing a game.

If you’re opting for the second option, which is to play music from the background, you need to boot the game of your choice into the console. Then press the PS button on the DualSense controller to open up the PS5 control center. From there on, navigate to the music card, which is highlighted by the musical notation icon.

Once you’re on the relevant card, navigate to the “Music Sources” list. You’ll find various tabs for Apple Music, select this to display the featured playlist and you’ll find recommended music that you can play without the need to quit your gaming session.





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