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How to join PS5 Party Chat on PC (Windows 10 & Mac OS)

Playing a game alone has a different feel to it, while having a good and fun conversation while playing is something on a different level and magnifies the immersion to a greater level. Normally this conflicts with each other if the players have a different platform they’re playing on and conversing with teammates can be difficult. Thankfully there are certain new features that allow direct communication with your friends and that’ll easily let you join a group chat on PlayStation 5 using a PC and in this article, we’ll brief you on everything you need to know how to get started with PS5 party chat and voice chat with your in-game friends.

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How to join PS5 party chat

You can effectively chat with your in-game friends using this feature, even when you don’t have your console at the moment, and this is pretty easy to set up. To connect to the party chat, open your web browser from your PC and type in “Playstation remote play” and press the enter button on the keyboard. Click on the first link in Google and it will be remote play US PlayStation. Scroll down the website until you see the “Windows PC and Mac” section, click on Windows PC and mac download and then select on Connect your PS5 console from a Windows PC and then click on Install the app. Under the “install the app” section tap on I agree and then click on Download. Now it’ll start downloading “RemotePlayInstaller.exe”. Navigate to the download path or just launch the software from there.

Open the application and click on “other connection”, you’ll see the option to pick between PS4 and PS5. Select your console and the app will give you instructions on connecting remote play to your PS4/PS5 console. You can enable it by heading into the Settings of your PS5, selecting Remote play, and enabling it. In the main window of remote play, there is a settings section on the lower left side, after selecting it, you can see the Playstation network ID that you’re signed into. If you’re on Playstation 4, you can increase or decrease the video quality, resolution, and framerates by going into video settings and if you’re on Playstation 5, it automatically configures it. Once you’re signed in, make sure that you’re connected to the same network as your console and press the blue button in the middle.


After clicking on blue button, the software is going to search your connection for nearby Playstation console to automatically connect to. If done right, you’ll see the PS5 dashboard on your PC. Once your controller is connected to PC, press the PS button and navigate to “Game Base” and then go to Parties and join your preferred party. You’ll be able to hear your party’s voice in the party chat. With your microphone connected to your PC, you can easily talk to your friends.


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